Edgy and chic trends continue to make a big entrance this fall, including the arrival of the latest sensation: menswear for women. Women are beating the boys at their own game by effortlessly sporting trousers and pantsuits. Watch out guys because there’s a new boys’ club in town. Menswear isn’t meant to be literal, so there’s no need to raid a man’s closet. Here are some tips on how to give it your own charming spin.

The key to this trend is in the details
No matter what the trend is, adding too much of one trend to an outfit can make you look like a fashion victim (ouch). The most important thing about the menswear trend is not to wear men’s clothing, but to build the look by using key pieces. Mix and match different colors, textures and fits to create a look that features the style of a GQ model with the touch of a woman’s elegance.


1. Fiddle with Fit
Mix big, masculine pieces with fitted, feminine garments. A bit of extra material commands a lot more authority. Slouchy and wide is the new straight and narrow, so invest in sleek, oversized trousers. With pleated accents, they offer a polished and flattering look.
2. Suit Yourself
Leave the matchy suits for the gents. A more feminine take is separates in unconventional shapes, like swishy skirts and confident culottes. These alternative pieces create a fresh and playful look. You can also ditch the idea that your shoulders need to be bold when it comes to jackets. Softer, rounded shapes are much more modern.
3. Pattern Power
Menswear is as much about the fabric as it is the fit. Choose fitted sheaths, tailored jackets and pencil skirts that feature traditional patterns, such as houndstooth, pinstripes, herringbone, and checks. 
4. No Need to Own 50 Shades of Gray
You don’t have to limit yourself to blacks and grays to pull off the menswear look. Actually, pretty much any shade will work as long as it’s on the darker side. Think deep blues, lush reds or even deep greens. Even adding a simple red scarf can break up the monotony of an outfit.
5. Show A Softer Side
Mixing masculine and feminine fabrics creates a polished look. For example, a lacy dress worn with a tweed menswear coat is the perfect juxtaposition of materials that make the menswear trend work. A great item to invest in for this trend is a simple white blouse made of a soft material. This sheer white top with a tied neckline and a loose silhouette is a perfect choice.
As you can see, women can use cunning methods to play up the menswear rulebook, it’s all about balance. It can be easy to get carried away by pairing too many of these trendy pieces together. Following these tips will update your wardrobe without making you look like you raided your husband’s closet. Have thoughts of your own on this fall trend? Share your opinion in the comment section!

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