It’s officially November. The weather is brisk, the cocoa is hot and the fashion trends are hotter. Ever since we saw metallic apparel walk down the runway during Fashion Week, we couldn’t stop thinking about this lustrous trend. Whether you want to rock toe-to-toe metallic or just a bit of glimmer on your clutch, here’s everything you need to know about wearing metallics this fall.

Gold Rush

Shine straight on into fall by wearing rich golds. With gold’s association with a precious metal, currency and royalty, it’s no wonder that the color can make someone feel luxurious and opulent. One refreshing and trendy way to incorporate gold into your look is with handbags and gold jewelry.
It’s a luxurious pop of sparkle that can be easily added to any woman’s wardrobe. Gold also happens to be a color that complements a wide range of skin tones (can you tell we really love gold?). Here are a few examples if you are looking for inspiration.

1. Natural Crystal Quartz Earrings in Goldtone
2. Faux-Leather Metallic Moto Jacket, Gold
3. Nude Almond Toe Metal Point Flats

Tip: Every woman needs a really great pair of metallic heels in her closet. If you’re too shy to wear full-on metallic shoe, try a black pair with a metallic cap-toe. It’s the best of both worlds.

Silver Linings

Much like gold, silver is a classic color that will give any ensemble an air of luxury. Pairing warm fall tones like burgundy, hunter green or purple with silver will definitely liven up your office look. A silver clutch for a night out adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your favorite little black dress.
Don’t feel limited to clothing and accessories when it comes to this hot trend. Try a new silver eye shadow from your favorite beauty company. Metallic nails also look stunning. Plus, it gives you a valid reason to buy more nail polish (that’s win-win).
Here’s some inspiration.
1. Diamond Ring in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver
Tip: Whether you’re going for grunge-chic or a dainty style, a little silver or gold bag will instantly make whatever you’re wearing look dressier.

Sequin Sequence

Bright and sparkly things aren’t just for New Year’s Eve. It’s time to bring out those shimmering tops, because sequins are a huge trend this fall. These beads are covering everything from skirts to jackets. They come in all types of colors, including metallic of course!
If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of all this glitz, start off with sequin accessories. Go even further with a metallic sequin top. Embrace the fact that sparkly metallics will no longer be reserved for just the holiday season. Here are some examples of how to look chic and not tacky in sequins this season.
1. J Francis Black Sequin Handbag
2. Rose Gold Mint Sequin Clutch
Tip: Just because you’re wearing something shiny doesn’t mean you should try too hard to stand out. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to keep your look sleek and thought-out.

Trending Technicolor

When it comes to metallics, don’t limit yourself to gold or silver. We love them too, but step into a world of color to really own this trend. To avoid looking flashy, add a splash of metallic color to a complementary piece instead of a main essential piece. A stylish belt is the perfect example of incorporating colored metallic into your wardrobe. Here are a few more suggestions to get your stylish imagination going.
1. Blue and Gold Leatherette Handbag
Tip: Try matching your metallic tones to the colors of your outfit. There’s something really classy about wearing a colored metallic with a matching outfit. A metallic rose clutch with a pale pink dress is a great example.
Now that you’ve seen several examples of this sparkly trend, we hope you put on your own little twist to make it yours! Share photos of you incorporating metallics into your wardrobe this season in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr! Stay tuned from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. CT to chat with our host, Kelsey about this hot trend!