When it comes to fall trends to look out for, you should actually look back because 70s fashion is trending in a big way. You might have an urge to rummage through your mother’s closet once you finish reading this Trendspotter post.

From exaggerated flares to oversized tops, ensembles from the 70s were very loose and relaxed by nature. Discover the many aspects of this trend to customize it for your own look.

Earth TonesTrendspotter - Seventies Fashion -Earth Tones

Mild earth tones like sunflower yellow, shades of brown, cream, gold, sand colors, antique reds and denim blue are timeless and definitely go along with the 70s style. Boldly mix and match these earthy hues to take it to the next level.

Delicate Lace, Crochet and Macramé

Add texture by including romantic details to your look. Very similar to the Boho chic style of the seventies fashion, lace or crochet can make an ensemble look fresh and fanciful. A perfect way to incorporate this feature is with a stylish kimono.

Trendspotter - Seventies Fashion -Boho Chic 2High-Waisted Designs

Whether it’s a midi skirt, pair of jeans, pants or shorts, high waisted pants exhibit the retro style of the 70s to the fullest. Pair these bottoms with slim-fitting tops in order to emphasize the waist design.

Bright Prints

Add contrast to warm earth shades by rocking various vibrant prints and patterns. Look for colorful brush-stroke prints, ethnic patterns, geometric motifs and floral designs. All of these distinctive styles were popular during that decade and can be easily incorporated into today’s take on the 70s trend.

Swayed by SuedeTrendspotter - Seventies Fashion -Boho Chic

Soft and delicate, suede was used to add detail on accessories and also as the primary material for clothes like dresses and tops. Boost interest with suede by looking for patchwork or fringe elements.

Tassels and Fringes

Speaking of fringe, the 70s was the perfect decade for this fantastic feature. Rocking handbags decorated with fringe and tassels is a great way to hone your inner 70s fashionista. An entirely fringed outfit will help you easily create a Bohemian style.

Trendspotter - Seventies Fashion - Crochet ShawFlared Bottoms

Whether you like hip-hugging flares or dramatic bell-bottoms, this style of pants is definitely a 70s fashion staple. Create an elegant look by pairing them with form fitting tops, flowing sheer blouses or peplum tops.

The romantic era of the 70s fashion was all about expressing your individuality. Using this information, create your own 70s style to rock this fall!

What do you like most about 70s fashion?

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