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Trendspotter: Spring Trends to Look Out For

Although Groundhog’s Day was a bust and we’ll apparently be in winter a few weeks longer, that doesn’t mean we can’t start filling our closets with trendy spring items! Continue reading to discover six spring trends we predict will be a big hit this upcoming season.

70s-Inspired Suede

While the 70s trend has remained strong, its characteristic suede will be put in the spotlight this spring. Offered in neutrals, brights or muted pastels, leather’s softer cousin has lightened up in time for a warmer season.

Intimate Slip-Ons

The slip dress is back and looking slinkier than ever. You’ll see some trimmed with scalloped lingerie lace and layered over fine knits on the runways. The trend of traditional underwear worn as outerwear has really picked up. Who knew spring would be the season of lingerie?!

Victorian Era Influences

Fall runways called for puffy sleeves, high collar necklines and lots of dark floral paying homage to the Victorian Era. A key detail trend that flourished from this style are ruffles. They add a romantic appeal to any look and you’ll see plenty this season.

Adornment Galore

As professed by Gucci, the spring 2016 fashion season will call for layers upon layers of adornments. Flaunt every jewel in your box, from jewelry to brooches. More is more when it comes to accessorizing with jewels this spring.

Flat Mules

Comfortable shoes are still trending since last season and we are thankful. Get yourself a new pair of cool mules, pronto. Lace slides are some of the hottest flats of the season, and super-comfortable to boot.

Fringe Binge

Fun fringe is still trending from several seasons ago. From stylishly slashed edges lining skirts to fringe necklaces and earrings, these choppy edges are still having a major moment. It looks like this trend is going to stick around for a while and we are completely okay with that.

What trend will you look forward to this spring?!

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