The newest trend on the fashion scene is tapestry prints. This style exhibits thick textile fabric that features beautiful designs inspired by Turkish and Moroccan styles. Continue reading and you’ll see why this trend will take over your fall wardrobe in a grand way!

As summer is winding down, we come to the task with transitioning our closet for cooler months. When it comes to finding cozy and lavish materials, look no further. Tapestry fashion is known for its thick fabrics and beautiful, bold colors. Embroidered with different colored threads, tapestry pieces add texture to any outfit.

Trendspotter - Tapestry Prints - AccessoriesThe best thing about this trend is that you can incorporate tapestry prints into all aspects of your wardrobe. We’re not just seeing these designs and patterns for apparel, but we are also seeing them in accessories and even jewelry. From handbags to dresses, tapestry prints are taking over.

Casual Style

Whether you’re going shopping or headed to casual Friday at the Trendspotter - Tapestry Prints - Clutchoffice, it’s easy to keep things simple with these colorful prints. Start with a neutral top and a pair of your favorite dark denim jeans. Add a bold-patterned accessory or piece of jewelry to incorporate this trend into your outfit. Keeping most of your outfit neutral and adding a peek of tapestry print adds interest to your ensemble.

Dressed to Impress

Step up your tapestry game by rocking a head-to-toe patterned dress. Add beaded jewelry and accessories to complement the print and texture of your dress. Throw on a pair of your favorite black heels and you are all set for a very fashionable dinner party.

Whether you plan to dress it up or dress it down, the tapestry trend is perfect for your fall wardrobe. Check out our latest edition of Trendspotter below to discover more about this fabulous movement.

Trendspotter - Tapestry Prints - Youtube Video

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