Everyone loves trivia quiz games. They are fun, interesting and test your knowledge. These little quiz games are suitable for people of all ages and keep them engaged. And as these quizzes become more interesting if there is a chance to win something exciting. That’s why Shop LC brings Tuesday Trivia for our Facebook fans, offering a chance to win credit towards a future purchase. Read along and learn how to take part in Tuesday Trivia and how to win!

Trivia Tuesday facebook post

Every Tuesday, Shop LC will post one unique question related to a gemstone on the official Shop LC Facebook Page and you’ll have to find the answer to that question.

Trivia question about russian diopside

Once you find the answer to the question, post it in the comments section within the time limit to be eligible to win. Once the time limit is over, a randomly a winner who will credit toward a future purchase. Be sure to check that week’s post for full details!

How to Win?

Do you want to win the Tuesday Trivia quiz, and increase your knowledge of gemstones, jewelry, and fashion? Here are a few tips to stay ahead:

  • Check out the Education Center on Shop LC for information regarding the gemstones. It’s a great way to increase your personal gemological knowledge!
  • Read and subscribe to the Shop LC blog to know fun facts, stories and amazing details about your favorite gemstones, jewelry, and the latest fashion trends.
  • Watch Shop LC LiveTV, where hosts provide detailed information related to gems and jewelry every day.

So why are you waiting? Test your knowledge with Tuesday Trivia for a chance to win with Shop LC!

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