During the close of each year, the color experts at Pantone select a shade to become next year’s Color of the Year. For 2018, the mysterious bluish-purple hue Ultra Violet reigns supreme as the Pantone Color of the Year, daring us to dream in rich and vivid purple hues. Are you ready to learn more about this process and the practical applications of this color in your daily fashion selections?


What is the Pantone Color of the Year?

The color experts at Pantone don’t select a Color of the Year easily. It’s a careful choice, influenced by trends in culture. This will reflect elements of the fashion world, of course, but also elements of how designers across the spectrum of society utilize color in their works. It also reflects the mood of people, capturing the background energy of our daily lives.

Typically, only one color is selected. Occasionally, two are selected, such as in 2016, when Rose Quartz and Serenity became Pantone’s Color of the Year.


“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” – Pantone Color Institute


Last year, Greenery kept us grounded by reminding us of our connection to nature. This year, Ultra Violet challenges us to explore the mysteries of the world around us, and beyond. A complex, bluish-purple, this color evokes the endless nature of the cosmos.

Color of Royalty

A color of contemplation, purples have long been favored by those with much on their mind. Folklore reminds us that “heavy is the head that wears the crown,” and the deep hue of royal purple was once relegated to the elite. Purple dye was expensive to make, and amethyst was once extremely rare to find, making it one of the historic precious gemstones. This lead to purple becoming a symbol of royalty throughout history. For ages, only they alone could wear this coveted color.

Color of the Mind

Also favored by creatives, deep purple is the color of vivid imagination and genius. Through the creation of art and questioning the world around us, our understanding grows. The mysterious blend of blue and red creates a complex color that we slowly drink in as we contemplate its nature. It comes as no surprise that purple is a popular color for contemplative pursuits such as meditation. Crystal healers have long used amethyst to alleviate neural issues, such as migraines, and improve concentration. An association with the crown chakra ties Ultra Violet to these heady pursuits.


What Gem Pairs Best with Ultra Violet?


Uruguayan amethyst cocktail ring in sterling silver.

Amethyst is the first gemstone everyone thinks of when considering purple gemstone jewelry. However, many are surprised to learn that it exists across a spectrum of purple hues, from faint to dark, and at times favoring red over blue, or vice versa. So, which variety of amethyst best captures the exotic mystery of Ultra Violet?

A popular choice, Bahian amethyst simply possesses too much red. Rose de France amethyst is too light and pink. Lusaka amethyst comes close to the ideal Ultra Violet color but lacks the necessary depth that gives this color its mysterious nature. Uruguayan amethyst, however, meets all of these requirements. One of the richest, and most deeply saturated of amethyst gemstones, it’s what many of us think of when we consider the rich, majestic hues of this purple jewel. Consider Uruguayan amethyst jewelry to add your own touch of mystery and majesty to your wardrobe in 2018.


Ultra Violet Gemstone Runners-Up

With so many purple gemstones from which to choose, it was a tough choice to narrow down our selection. The following purple stones are great options for those wanting to rock purple but want something a little more unique.


Lusaka Amethyst

Lusaka amethyst cocktail ring in sterling silver.

As discussed above, Lusaka amethyst took second place to Uruguayan amethyst. It should be your first choice for a purple gemstone that’s a little livelier than its somber and mysterious counterpart.

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite statement ring in sterling silver with chrome diopside accents.

Splashed with red, purple fluorite offers a similar experience to Lusaka amethyst. The vibrancy of this gem means you’re getting a warmer feel when wearing it in contrast to amethyst.

Purple Garnet

Purple garnet solitaire ring in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold finish.

Purple garnet is a variety of rhodolite garnet, this grape-colored gem is one of the rarest garnet varieties we know! Favoring wine-soaked tones, it’s your best choice for a mid-range hue.

Burmese Purple Jade

Artisan crafted purple jade statement ring in sterling silver with amethyst accents.

Jade is green, right? Not exactly! Occurring in a range of color, this purple jade is loaded with ancient appeal and a lighter royal tone. It’s a great choice for welcoming spring and transitioning to summer, as more vibrant and deeper tones join our wardrobes.

Utah Tiffany Stone

Utah Tiffany Stone cocktail ring in sterling silver.

Swirling with a matrix of rich color, you’ll find the royal hues of Ultra Violet alongside creamy ivories and inky blacks with Utah Tiffany Stone. A collector’s stone and limited yearly supply make this a great option for those wanting something rare and unusual. No two will ever look alike!


How Can I Use Ultra Violet?

Catwalk color combinations are always great for forecasting emerging trends, and Ultra Violet tones were seen throughout 2018 Spring Fashion Week. Ultra Violet is paired with other playful and happy colors for the season, but as a color of the year, expect to see it throughout 2018.

Ultra Violet is a “trans-seasonal” color. This means it’s not confined to any particular time of year. The mutable nature of its hues empowers it to appear alongside neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, and metallics effortlessly.

Utilize Ultra Violet as your spot color for daily wear, allowing you to stretch the use of your neutral basics, adding mileage and purpose to those essentials. Accomplish this with an item like a ring or scarf, or any other similar, easy-to-wear accessory. Consider this option as your best bet if you want only to dabble and flirt with fashion, without making a strong commitment to updating an entire wardrobe.


Ultra Violet in Color Palettes

When making their announcement, Pantone developed eight creative palettes, each showcasing a unique way in which to make the best use of the color, whether from a perspective of design, fashion, or other creative pursuits!

Our favorite was the “Purple Haze” palette. By combining Ultra Violet with seven other dusky shades, it offers subtle transitions of color perfect for those experimenting with their sense of style. It creates achievable fashion wins by combining a piece of amethyst jewelry with your hazy neutrals of grays, greens, mauves, and more. Most of us already have these colors in our closets, making it a low-risk venture for experimentation.

Which will you choose when wearing Ultra Violet?

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