If you are looking for ways to show your loved ones you care for them and you are on a budget, head to our Under $10 collection. Here are 10 things you could get for your favorite people that are Under $10.

1) Matching Heart Rings

If you are looking for physical ways to stay connected with your best friends, look into getting matching heart rings. Not only are they small and sweet, they are also a practical way for them to accessorize with a piece of your heart!

Green heart ring with plain band against white background.

2) Beach Cover Up

Summer is officially here and people are hitting the beach. Sunburns are a nasty way to end a summer vacation, so help prevent that with this beautiful beach cover up!

Peach and white beach cover up on mannequin against white background.

3) Watch

Spruce up your loved ones’ office look with this beautiful watch. Not only is it in a classic silver tone that makes any outfit shine, it also comes with a beautiful chain to glam up your watch!

Closeup of silver STRADA watch with chain bracelet.

4) Wallet

My mom’s biggest traveling secret is to leave your favorite wallets at home. Snag one of these wallets that are inexpensive so you could travel with ease knowing that you will not lose your brand name products.

Coral long wallet against white background.

5) Dainty Jewelry

If your friend is looking at trying to find minimalistic jewelry, look into getting your friend a dainty, everyday jewelry. That way, they could easily dress up their outfits as they conquer their day.

Closeup of gold spiral heart ring.

6) Cross Jewelry

Cross jewelry has been popular for decades now and is gifted to give hope in times of darkest times. Plus, it is a nice statement necklace.

Closeup of cross jewelry.

7) Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are nice when it comes to needing an easy way to pull an outfit together. Statement necklaces are also an easy way to express their personality.

Closeup of tiger eye necklace.

8) Makeup Bag

If you are anything like me, chances are – you have way too much makeup. By having one of these makeup bags, it will allow me to physically limit how much I bring to the trip. If anyone gifted me this, it would be amazing (nod, nod, wink, wink).

Roll up pink and blue rollup bag against white background.

9) Scarf

Scarves are always in! They look cute, they are versatile, and they are just an easy way to be more fashionable.

Closeup of black scarf against white background.

10) Flower Garden

Now that gardening season is here, gift your friends with flower garden pots. That way, they have a little piece of you in their home!

House-themed garden pots against white background.

Head over to the Under $10 Clearance page for more amazing gifts to give your most beloved people.

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