Bali craftsmanship is famous all over the globe. And for good reason! Bali artisans are among the finest gold and silver smiths working today. With traditions going back centuries, Bali jewelry is recognizable for its distinct look. Bali necklaces are especially loved for their beauty. Featuring intricate interlocking designs, we are mesmerized by the irony of its complex simplicity.


The Bones of the Dragon

Tulang Naga necklace in sterling silver.

Tulang Naga is one of the most popular styles in Bali necklaces. Meaning “dragon bone,” this woven necklace features interlocking links of silver. Surprisingly supple, these chains have lots of movement and are generously thick. Great for wearing on its own, they can also be paired with an equally prominent pendant.


Busy Byzantine

Silver Borobudur necklace with dragon head clasp.

The Borobudur necklace style is another iconic Balinese creation. A modified Byzantine chain, this classic chain is ideal for the intricate work of skilled Bali silversmiths. In their skilled hands, expect lots of twists and turns, such as graduating links – something not often seen in similar silver chains.


Padian Perfection

Sterling silver padian necklace from Bali.

Ropes of intertwined sterling silver comprise padian necklaces. It’s an eye-catching piece to wear on its own, but subtle enough to complement any pendant of your choosing. For anyone wanting to start collecting Bali jewelry, this is a great starter piece.


Gleaming Gems

Turquoise and amethyst Bali necklace.

Taken alone, these Bali necklaces are true works of art. But with the addition of beautiful gemstones, the possibilities are endless. These island artisans weave a variety of colorful jewels into their sterling silver creations. Vivid and bright, they pop against the gleaming finished of polished metal.


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