Winter is gone, and so is your range of dark shades that you’ve enjoyed during the chilly days. Now, it’s time to have some fun with color, and what could be a better option than pastel colors? Soft and soothing hues of rose, peach, lavender, lilac, and aqua serve as a classic staple for spring and summer fashion. They are trendy and chic enough, that if you style them right, you can wear them year after year!

Pastels find their way to high-fashion runways and ready-to-wear collections. However, many women find wearing pastels a challenge. They might make things too sweet, bringing back childhood days, or leave you feeling washed out. To make things simple, here’s how you to select pastel accessories this season without feeling like an Easter egg.


Pretty Pastel Dresses

Two women in pink pastel dresses.

Pastel colors are a favorite for spring and summer. You can wear these gentle hues by pairing them together with a few different pastel colors to create a soft yet bold look. Or go monochromatic by selecting one color to throughout your outfit. A long dress looks sophisticated in a light pink color. You can also make your pastel piece shine by keeping rest of dress color simple for a minimalistic look. If you love attention, go for a bold statement necklace or dangle earrings to polish things off.


Light and Bright Pastel Handbags

Blue pastel handbag.

Pastels are ruling runaways everywhere, and handbags with ladylike hues are certainly no exception. They can be mixed and matched with other pastels or neutral hues. Whether it’s a casual clutch or serious satchel, pastel hues soften your look with an innocent and gentle appeal. You can even combine two pastel shades for sweet results.


Pastel Scarves that Pop

Peach pastel scarf.

Many stylists are favoring scarves as an important accessory for spring and summer fashion. Wear your pastel scarf by gently knotting it around your neck for a relaxing look. For something more sophisticated you can wind it around your neck and finish with a knot. Keep a simple look or use it as a choker. Scarves are a versatile option for any occasion.


Gentle Pastel Jewelry for Spring and Summer

Yellow pastel South Sea pearl ring.

Analyzing an outfit is a tough task, and many of us don’t feel complete without the right accessory. Jewelry helps set the tone here; matched properly it can make your entire outfit.

For spring and summer fashion, statement jewelry is an ideal choice for amping up your outfit. Take your jewelry game to a new level by adding pastel gemstones and pearls to be dazzling. Consider stones with a softer palette, such as kunzite, Akoya pearl, mint garnet, or South Sea pearl. These inherently feminine colors just make you feel dainty.

It doesn’t stop with just the jewels. Consider natural motifs such as butterflies or floral patterns for a trendy seasonal look. Or, stay simple with classic selections like a solitaire ring and stud earrings.


Pastels work for you! Dressing them up or toning them down, pastels stand ready for your spring and summer fashion needs. How are you using them?

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