Whether you want to share them with your significant other, your coworkers, your friends and family or just eat them by yourself (we don’t judge), baking Valentine’s Day cookies is pretty sweet. We have gathered some of our favorite and most delightful recipes we could find. Check them out below!

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Raspberry Almond Kiss Cookies

This tasty treat is very easy to make with only FOUR steps! If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift to give, these raspberry almond kiss cookies are the ones to bake.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Heart Shaped Cookie Pops

These adorable Valentine hearts-on-a-stick cookies are made simple thanks to Pillsbury sugar cookie dough! This is the perfect recipe for those of us who aren’t a natural baker.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Valentine Sandwich Cookies

Turn your Valentine’s day baking into a fun activity with your kids with this easy Valentine sandwich cookie recipe.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - mm Chocolate Chip Cookies

The crunchy candy coating shells of the M&Ms break up the soft, buttery dough and is a perfect texture contrast to the smooth chocolate chips. This lovely chocolate chip cookie recipe will surely delight anyone.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - red velvet thumbprint cookies

This is like a cookie and cheesecake all rolled into one, which makes these red velvet thumbprint cookies dangerously delicious! The colors also make these cookies really festive.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - cocoa pepper waffle cookies

These cocoa-pepper waffle cookies are like breakfast meets cookie. Who wouldn’t want to wake up on Valentine’s Day to this?!

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Heart Macarons

Steal some hearts this Valentine’s Day with these adorable heart macarons. Bonus points: they taste absolutely divine.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans are, we hope these recipes make it even sweeter! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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