Some say that it’s hard to shop for men. Many hold an image that men aren’t clear about what they want, and, sadly, as a result few guys get gifts they’d like. But one thing any person appreciates is feeling pampered. These Valentine’s Day gifts for him are thoughtful selections that will help make the guy in your life feel loved and cared for.

When it comes to men’s Valentine’s gifts, there is plenty out there! The choices might even feel a little overwhelming. But with jewelry and accessories, is one tried and true option – men’s rings. A signature ring can become his favorite accessory. And I speak from experience. My favorite piece of jewelry is a turquoise ring I bought for myself early on with Shop LC.  



It seems that most guys only really choose to wear a wedding band. But in truth there are so many more options to consider! While an elegant band ring is always a classic choice, a ring is the perfect place to inject a spot of color in menswear. Since guys clothing usually favors neutrals like khaki, navy, or gray, you can really get creative in this space!


Salmon Pink Tourmaline and Natural White Zircon Men's Ring in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

While pink tourmaline is a classic October birthstone, pinks are growing in popularity as a very masculine option, as shown in this pink tourmaline men’s ring. Did you know that pink used to be the color for male babies before it became powder blue? Gift this elegant and regal ring to the king in your life.


South African Tiger's Eye Men's Ring in Stainless Steel

For a more casual look, we can’t recommend this tiger’s eye men’s ring enough! The cabochon stone is polished to a glossy finish, allowing the golden hues of this gem to captivate. The glint of the eye, better known as the cat’s eye effect, is the result of chatoyancy. A band of light reflects to the viewer from just below the surface of the stone.


Men's Band Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

A lot of guys feel most comfortable wearing a band ring. If that’s the case for you, then consider this lightly textured men’s band. A subtle scalloped design circles the ring, providing a level of visual interest. Meanwhile, a polished finished keeps things looking gleaming. Crafted in sterling silver, this ring has a platinum finish for a truly sophisticated look.  


100 Facet Moissanite VS EF Men's Ring in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for him, we might not think of diamonds. And, in fact, you don’t! Moissanite is leading the pack when it comes to diamond alternatives, and this moissanite men’s ring is no exception. This modified round cut features 100 facets, amplifying the fire of this stone – which is twice that of its rival, diamond!


Grandidierite, Zircon Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Did you know that grandidierite is one of the rarest gems in existence? Most comes from the tiny island nation of Madagascar, and supply is extremely limited. This grandidierite men’s ring is truly exceptional. By putting a literal twist on a classic design, this bold ring features a grid arrangement of gems, but at a 45-degree twist at the top of the shank. It transforms a tried-and-true design into something brand new, and we’re here for it!


Carnelian and Zircon Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Does he have the gift of gab? Then consider this fun carnelian men’s ring! Carnelian’s story begins in India, with records of mining dating back to the fourth century, BCE. This red stone has a reputation for providing confidence and making people eloquent. But this is a gift that will leave him speechless!


Rings are the end of it! Want more Valentine’s Day gifts for him? Let Shop LC be your guide. There’s a wide world of exciting products for the men in your life.

Discover our exquisite selection of men’s jewelry.

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