Percentage of Singles in the U.SIt’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. Oh goody. Now you get to witness copious amounts of flower commercials and everyone’s dying need to post detailed updates on how “totes presh” their night will be. But why be bitter and cynical when you can have just as much (if not, more) fun? Tell Cupid to keep his arrows to himself this year because after reading this survival guide, you’ll be on your way to a fun filled Valentine’s Day of your own!

Retail TherapyValentines-Day-Survival-Guide-for-Singles---Retail-Therapy

Indulge a little and go shopping. You might as well take advantage of all the sales going on during the time leading up to Valentine’s Day. It’s not like the cashier is going to deny you from buying it just because you don’t have a significant other. If you don’t want to risk running into a judgmental clerk, join Shop LC online for our Valentine’s Day sale! Feel free to wear your pajamas and have a glass of wine. We won’t judge 🙂

Let-Them-Eat-CakeLet Them Eat Cake

Seriously, let them eat cake by throwing a dessert party with your friends. Order cupcakes, cake balls and whatever else your heart desires from your favorite bakery shop. Valentine’s Day is about matters of the heart, right? If you enjoy baking, set up a cupcake bar for the party. Bake different flavors of cupcakes and provide a bunch of toppings for your guests to choose from.

Watch the KiddosWatch-the-Kiddos

If you already had plans to dodge the public on Valentine’s Day and you don’t mind children, offer to babysit for some married friends, so they can enjoy a romantic high-priced dinner. This isn’t as glamorous as a night out with your single friends, but you will definitely feel good after your friends thank you for your thoughtfulness. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting junk food for your night in because people with kids always have the best snacks.

Try-Something-ExtremeTry Something Extreme

No one says you have to be a homebody on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single. Instead of staying in, do the exact opposite. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try skydiving or snowboarding or running a 5K. Be active and crank up the adrenaline. Who knows, maybe by this time next year you’ll be sharing this memorable experience with your future love!

Send a ValentineWrite-a-Valentine

Take a moment out of your day to write a Valentine’s Day card to someone who might not receive one or to someone you really appreciate. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor who has no family or there’s a really sweet barista that always upgrades your coffee for free. You don’t have to be in a relationship to share the love on Valentine’s Day!

Remember, Valentine’s Day is what you make it. You can mope around feeling angry about everyone else’s plans, or you can make your own and have a really good time! If you’re still not convinced that you don’t need a “bae” on Valentine’s Day, we have one for you:Best Amethyst Ever

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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