Back in January, Shop LC first showcased our Venice blue Diamonds. The plan for these special diamonds was to have them in the store for just 6 hours! This would be a very limited event, the only one of its kind. After it was over, we didn’t plan to repeat the event for the foreseeable future. The rarity and specialness of these diamonds make them hard to come by. 

However, the response we received about Venice blue Diamonds was incredible. Our shoppers fell in love with the diamonds. Thanks to customers like you, we were able to bring Venice blue Diamonds back to our store! 

The only catch is that their availability is still limited. We only have a small collection of Venice blue pieces in our store, so select the piece or pieces that speak to you and pick them up before they’re gone!

Maybe you missed the event the first time and are wondering what the fuss is about. The facts are that Venice blue diamonds are very similar to other blue diamonds. All diamonds are made up mostly of highly-compressed carbon, which is what makes them so strong. They all rank 10 on the Mohs scale, making them the hardest material on earth. 

Clear diamonds are made of 100% carbon. Diamonds with pigments, often referred to as fancy diamonds, have other elements included in their makeup to give them their color. Blue diamonds get their color from boron. 

Venice blue diamonds get their special blueness from boron as well, but their color is enhanced with high pressure and high-temperature treatment, or HPHT. This treatment is a process that takes up to 25 days. Only the highest quality diamonds go through this process to enhance and permanently change their color.

As a result, Venice blue diamonds have a brighter color than other diamonds, as well as a crystal pattern that’s much more sparkly and faceted. When buying this type of diamond, rest assured that you’re buying quality. 

To sustain this quality, store Venice blue diamond jewelry in a fabric lined container or box. Like all jewelry, avoid introducing it to extreme temperatures. Avoid steam cleaning because, although the diamonds themselves are very tough, steam and use can make the diamonds loose in the metal they’re set in. Instead, clean it with lukewarm soapy water and scrub gently with a soft brush. This will help maintain the incredible shine. 

The shine isn’t the only special part about them, however. Blue diamonds symbolize stability and depth. When gifted, they represent love and loyalty in a relationship. They’re even thought to bring calmness, serenity, and peace to the wearer. 

Without further ado, here are 3 of our favorite Venice blue diamond pieces. 


This is the perfect piece to get your Venice blue diamond collection started. It has an elegant, geometric design. From far away, it looks minimalist and almost simple. But up close, you can see that it gets more complicated and intricate. It was designed to tastefully hold the most Venice blue diamonds as possible. Specifically arranged to get perfect sparkle, you won’t want to take this ring off. And you won’t have to! (Except for cleaning, of course.) You can wear this ring to a variety of events and places, both formal and casual. 


These Venice blue earrings are like nothing else. They combine the styles of both hoop and dangle earrings. The easy-to-use lever clasp melds into the hoop, which has a dangling pendant of blue and white diamonds hanging from it. Yes, you read that right; blue and white diamonds. With these earrings, you’ll be able to see the difference between Venice blue diamonds and average diamonds up close. It’s not as if one is truly better than the other though, you’ll be able to enjoy them both! 


If you’re looking for a fashionable ring, this is the one for you. The chevron design is modern and dynamic; the interesting look will draw the eyes. Like the first ring, the gems are arranged in a cluster. This means that you get the most amount of Venice blue diamonds for your purchase. You’ll be mesmerized by the unbeatable sparkle in this ring. The band is platinum over sterling silver, meaning even the band will have a gorgeous shine. In addition, the metal will keep your gems secure and the ring strong. 

Shop the rest of our Venice blue diamond collection here. 

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