Looking for vintage jewelry has never been easier. With the Internet, anything is possible. But, where can you find vintage jewelry while staying within your budget? Here are five places where you can find antique jewelry.

The Internet

This is the easiest place to look for vintage jewelry. From people selling their heirlooms on eBay to several online stores specializing in vintage jewelry, people are always surfing the web to get the best finds! However, make sure to ask the seller to take as many photos as possible for you to judge its authenticity (that is if you’re confident in your skills to do so). People normally look for wear and tear in the jewelry, a hallmark stamp, certificate of authenticity, or even the initials of the maker. Therefore, the best way to buy is on the Internet and by doing your research!

Alternatively, social media is the best way to look for events that involve some vintage jewelry sellers. Whether it is a special pop up shop or even a flea market, hunting down local events is another under-utilized way to look for jewelry.

Flea Market

Speaking of local events, regular flea markets often have a high number of vintage jewelry sellers. While it’s important to be cautious to avoid being scammed, the more prideful sellers are more knowledgeable of the background of the piece. If you do go to a flea market, make sure to brush up on your knowledge of spotting the differences between fake and authentic antique jewelry. Also, be sure to grab the seller’s business card for any follow-up contact you might need.

Flea market

Antique Shops

While most people go to antique shops to look for chic furniture, did you know that a lot of antique shops include a small selection of jewelry as well? While the price tags tend to be higher whenever you buy from an antique shop, you can rest easy knowing that these shops tend to be authentic. Once again – it is very important to research the seller and read their reviews!

Grandma’s Jewelry Box

What better way to look for vintage jewelry than in your very own home? Plus, the sentimental attachment you will feel to these pieces is absolutely priceless.

The Xavier Collection

Sometimes vintage and antique jewelry pieces are just out of your price range or you can’t find that certain item you’re looking for.  If that’s the case, consider the Xavier Collection, exclusive to Shop LC.

Each of the jewelry items in this special collection is inspired by actual antique designs. With over 100 years of inspiration to draw upon, there’s something for everyone! Modern manufacturing techniques ensure durability, and daily low cost from Shop LC ensures a great price that you’ll love.

Vintage-inspired necklace

Start shopping the Xavier Collection today!

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