Before they say “I do,” shower the couple-to-be with wedding shower gifts that have a personalized touch. As your favorite couple ties the knot, it’s exciting to be part of their big day. Before they start this new journey together, show your love and support with the perfect wedding gift.

You can find many gift ideas from their registry but picking something that’s not on their list is a great way to surprise them. Here are few inspirations that can make your present stand out.

Wedding Gifts for Couples

With wedding season here, brides and groom are being overwhelmed with new blenders, toasters, saucepans, dish towels…you name it! A registry is an excellent way to get some ideas for a gift but there is certainly no rule that you have to rely on the list. Consider something unique and show them that you have really put some thought into finding a perfect gift to create a lasting memory.

Check out these fun and unique ideas for the couples wedding shower.

  • A Post-Wedding Wine Treat: I am talking about not just a wine but a basket of cute wine bottles, each label with a specified time for opening. For instance, one for their first date night, one for their first anniversary, one for their first fight or one for their first baby. Label them in creative ways with a cute wrapping of pretty fabric and twine to add the “aww” factor.
  • A Customized Cutting Board: You know your couple will be received pots and pans galore. Trust me, most of them will be from the registry. You can make their day by taking the kitchen theme a step ahead with a customized cutting board that has the couple’s name, monogram or special date.
  • A Part of the Wedding: You may know one aspect of the wedding that hasn’t been covered. It might be the DJ or the videography services. For others, it might be flower arrangements or showpieces. Or maybe they wanted to have a perfect photo booth for the reception. You can make the couple dream come true by contributing in a big way. Going in for the gift with few other guests and family members might help you give them their dream wedding.
  • Experiences and Getaways: As they will be starting a new journey together, consider something that gives them their first experience together. And what can be better than a unique getaway? Plan a romantic vacation at a resort or set up an adventurous trip for them. A cruise for a great time or casino night for some excitement!

happy couple toasting to engagement

Special Gifts for the Bride

You’re just not a regular friend if you’re invited to the bridal shower. Your choice of special gift will show the bride-to-be just how well you understand her style. But when we talk about a special gift, it leads us to many options that are enough to create confusion. If you’re feeling a bit stuck on ideas for unique bridal shower gifts, we have some memorable ideas for bridal shower gifts.

Go for one of these inspirations as your special gift to her.

  • The Bridal Kit: Just for the bride, a kit with the best beauty products makes an outstanding choice for the occasion. Choose products that are travel-friendly and great for a daily regime that you can use on her honeymoon or in the morning every day. You can go for a customized kit or choose something from her favorite brands. For a simple skincare kit, choose a facial moisturizer, cleanser, serum, and gentle scrub.
  • Her Birthstone Jewelry: When you want to stay ahead of the others, birthstone jewelry is an outstanding choice. Like clothes, jewelry is always a great choice. So, when everyone is thinking of kitchenware and other utility items, birthstone jewelry stands out! A pair of stud earrings, a cute pendant, a cuff bracelet or a jewelry set decorated with her birthstone will surely bring a tear of joy.
  • Wedding Dress Hanger: A personalized hanger featuring her new name is a classic way to make a place in the memories of her special day. Not only will this hanger provide the perfect photo op, it provides a safe space to hang her dress on the big day and beyond.
  • A Classic Jewelry Box: Choosing a perfect gift can be tricky. She might be young or a little older, and maybe she has a unique taste or she has a soft spot for every special gift. There is no limit to the imagination so you can choose a heart-shaped box or a multi-compartment traditional shape jewelry box.

pink jewelry box

Special Gifts for the Groom

Traditional bridal showers are something we think of for just the girls. These showers include lots of women giggling, wedding talk, and a plenty of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom gifts. These days, couples showers include both the bride and the groom, but choosing gifts for men can feel a little intimidating.

Take your inspiration for these unique gift ideas for his special day:

  • Travel Destination Maps: If your friend is adventurous, spirited and passionate about travel, a travel destination map is an ideal gift option. Highlighting state capitals, highways, major cities and other important places, go for a country or state he hasn’t yet explored.
  • Sports History Book: Are they a die-hard fan of football and never miss a match? Then consider a football history book. It is a great way to relieve your favorite team’s unforgettable moments. Displayed proudly, it will be the perfect conversation starter for your favorite football fanatic.
  • Multi-purpose Backpack: There will be a lot of activities happening such as picnics, weekend camps, and small trips. Help him prepare for each trip with a multi-purpose backpack that ensures his essentials are safe while traveling.
  • An Impressive Watch: You can never go wrong with a watch. It’s an accessory that plays a significant role when it comes to a man’s style. Choose a piece that expresses his personality. A sports watch for an athlete, a formal watch for the professional or a casual watch if he loves to present his unique taste. Consider these tips for choosing a quartz movement watch.

classic men's watch

Tell us the best wedding gift you’ve given in the comments!

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