The Colors of Fancy Diamonds

Sparkling, lustrous and beauty to die for; these are the terms used for describing one of the most precious and gorgeous gemstones in the world, diamond. Every woman’s best friend, no collection is complete without scintillating diamond jewelry. Did you know that the fascinating world of diamond is full of color? You can find this modern April birthstone in various colorful versions like red, green, pink, blue, yellow, black and champagne.

Fancy diamonds with high color saturation, like red, pink and green, are very rare and highly valued. The color in diamonds is due to the presence of trace impurities. A fancy diamond only needs to show a small amount of color to be considered fancy, but the best stone are vivid and highly saturated. Let’s step into the world of fancy diamonds.

Blue Diamond

Blue diamond ring in silver on wood background.

The color in blue diamond is the result of traces amounts of the element boron within its crystalline lattice structure. Found with faint to deep saturation, the color of blue diamonds can be enhanced with irradiation and high pressure and high-temperature treatment (HPHT). A contemporary and classic take on regular white diamonds, blue diamonds are perfect for flaunting luxury and class.

Red Diamond

Red diamond necklace draped over stone.

Filled with even hue and saturation, red diamonds are rarely found naturally. Diamonds with a brownish hue are treated with irradiation or high pressure and high-temperature treatment (HPHT) for uniform red color. Symbolizing passion, strength, confidence, power, life vitality and love, red diamonds have held great significance since ancient times.

Green Diamond                            

Green diamond earrings displayed on shell.

Fancy diamond color like green are highly sought after due to their rarity and magnificence. As nature creates magic with structural alterations and radioactive activities within the earth, these green diamonds attain their vibrant color. Most often, natural green diamonds exhibit bluish green, yellowish green or brownish green color. Unlike other fancy color diamonds, green diamonds are formed due to exposure to natural radiation, which can also be mimicked through irradiation treatment under controlled conditions. This unique diamond symbolizes youthful strength, nature, abundance and prosperity.

Purple Diamond

Heart-shaped purple diamond ring on wood base.

Quite the sensation these days, purple diamonds are associated with royalty and aristocracy. To attain the desired purple color, light brown or light-yellow rough diamonds are treated through a specialized irradiation process. Treating purple diamonds to create an even purple hue is a challenging process, and lots of material must be rejected. Gorgeous and mystical, purple diamonds are believed to combat stress and relieve exhaustion. Generally found in small sizes, purple diamonds are often used in cluster setting or as accents with bigger gemstones.

Yellow Diamond

Close up on yellow diamond bracelet draped over shell.

Evoking feelings of happiness, positivity and hope, yellow diamonds are infused with the power of sunshine! Found naturally at various locations around the globe, yellow diamonds attain their beautiful color due to the presence of nitrogen. Undergoing no additional treatment, natural yellow diamonds are found with light to intense color and saturation. With the increasing charm and popularity of colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are widely appreciated and growing in use for engagement rings.

Champagne Diamond

Champagne diamond open shank ring on wood pedestal.

An exciting addition to fancy diamonds, champagne diamonds are natural and do not undergo any known treatment. Exhibiting intense golden brown color, champagne diamonds are generally found with inclusions. Associated with love, warmth and victory, champagne diamonds are in high demand for their distinct splendor.

Pink Diamond

Morganite and pink diamond pendant resting on stone.

Representing femininity, tenderness and beauty, pink diamonds are loved for their gentle rosy and soft pastel pink color. One of the rarest varieties of fancy color diamonds,, pink diamonds are not treated with any known process. Pink diamonds are only mined at Argyle, Australia, increasing their rarity. Infused with healing properties like balancing energies and stimulating spirituality, this fancy color diamond is also believed to augment creativity.

Famous Fancy Diamonds

  • One of the most famous blue diamonds is Hope Diamond (45.52 carats). It was donated to the Smithsonian by Harry Winston in 1958. Though obviously priceless, estimates often value it at $250 million.
  • The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world. Found in 1878 in South Africa, it weighed 287.42 carats in its rough state.
  • The Dresden Green is the largest natural green diamond found, weighing 40.70 carats in its pear-shaped cut.
  • The largest unmodified red diamond ever to be found is the Moussaieff red diamond. There are only 30 natural red diamonds known to exist in the world.

Fancy Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry, being an integral part of every celebration and occasion, and fancy diamond jewelry is a delight for collectors and jewelry admirers. Though being rare and expensive, fancy diamond jewelry is in high demand around the globe. The love for fancy colored diamonds is evident in people’s exceptional choices and search for the most unique and vibrant colored diamonds.

Engagement rings studded with pink diamond are widely appreciated as they represent love, femininity and beauty, whereas people look for blue diamond pieces for sophistication and elegance. The rarity of green diamond attracts the attention of onlookers and aura of red diamond evokes the feeling of passion of the wearer. The grace of black, yellow and purple diamonds is just beyond words. Not just a piece of jewelry, fancy colored diamonds cast their own spell of the owner’s charm and exuberance.

What is your favorite color of fancy diamond? Tell us in the comments!

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