Have you ever wondered why a navy blue blouse makes look radiant or why a yellow sun dress washes you out? The colors that look best on you all depend on your skin’s surface tone and its undertone. The skin’s surface tone is what you can see. It’s normally categorized as ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, etc. Undertone is the color that lies beneath your skin’s surface. We promise you, it’s less creepy than it sounds!

Skin UndertonesTwo people can have the same surface tone, but different undertones. There are three undertone categories. The first is referred to as cool, which is pink, red or bluish undertones. Another is called warm, which includes yellow, peach, golden undertones. The last is neutral, which is a mix of warm and cool undertones.

Here are a few tricks to see if you’re cool-toned or warm-toned:

What Color Looks Best On Me - The Suns EffectsThe Sun’s Effects

If you spend the day in the sun and you turn a golden-brown, instead of burning, then you are warm-toned. Cool-toned people tend to burn and turn pink first when they spend a lot of time in the sun.

Check Your Veins

Take a look at your veins on the inside of your wrist. They should be blue or green (if you’re an alien, we have no idea what your undertone is, so you should probably see a dermatologist). If your veins look blue, you most likely have cool undertones. If they look more greenish, then you’re warm-toned.

Side note: your veins aren’t actually green. They just look that way because you’re seeing them through yellow-toned skin. Since yellow and blue combine to create green, your veins appear to have a greenish hue.

Types of Metals

Typically, if you look better in silver or platinum metals, then you’re cool-toned. Gold tends to look better on warm-toned ladies.

What Color Looks Best On Me - Silver and GoldHopefully those tips helped you figure out what kind of undertone you have. With that information, you can now figure out which colors look best one you!


If you’re cool-toned you tend to look better in cool colors like royal blue, gray, navy and black. Pretty much any pastel will look radiant on you. Try to avoid orange and earth tones or you might run the risk of appearing pale and washed out. When it comes to anything metallic, silver is definitely your go-to.

What Color Looks Best On Me - What to WearWarm-Toned

Warm tones look stunning in earthy shades like burnt orange, cream, sunny yellow, brown, dark green and deep reds. Some neutral colors that flatter warm-toned people include camel, taupe and weathered brown. As far as metals, warm-toned people can never have too much yellow or rose gold!

Now that you’ve figured out which part of the color wheel you look best in, shopping will be much more fun. If you need more gold or silver (depending on your skin tone), check out our Rising Auction for jewelry starting at just $1!!!

Send us a picture of you in your favorite outfit that shows off your radiant skin tone!

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