I graduated this year. If I am asked to recall the days after graduation, there was a lot of confusion and self-doubt. Seeing all my friends getting a job in this or that company. It aroused a lot of self-doubt and impatience.


Although I was already working as an intern somewhere, I wasn’t getting a better opportunity to start my career.

Eventually, I applied to every possible platform and waited patiently for a good one to come. I remember one day when I was doing some work I got a call from Human Resources at Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL). VGL is the parent company to Shop LC.

She asked me for the necessary details and an interview was set. I never knew up until the very end if I would make it. But I got the phone call back that said, “You are selected. We are hiring you.” It was the opening door to great endeavours and learning!

During that period I got another offer from some other company as well. Oh yes! Now you must be thinking, “why VGL and not any other company?”

Well, during the entire process with VGL, the line that got stuck in my head was Your Purchase FeedsThe program is providing one meal for every purchase. This was something intriguing. I had never heard of such a program done by any group. That was the moment I got hooked.

I had never done content marketing before. I was not sure if I would be able to do it. But it is the trust of the hiring team that boosts my confidence in myself. And there is no turning back since that day.

And since the day I have joined the team as a content writer. I have always tried to reflect on our Purpose of ” Delivering Joy” in every piece. Writing about products of all kinds. Making sure to include products of all ranges. 

For me, Delivering Joy means giving satisfaction to all our customers. To not just one group of society but everyone. And we do it very well!

I always wanted to land a job that would align with my personality. And VGL sets the bar pretty high in this aspect.

It gives me immense pleasure to work with a team that there is to guide you and help you. And amazing mentors who are there to teach you and improve your skills in every possible way.

Delivering Joy in 2019.

Delivering Joy in 2020.

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