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As fall, well, falls into full swing, we put Halloween behind us and look forward to Thanksgiving. A time best spent with family and friends, it’s a time to count our blessings. And as we plan our holiday, we give thought to the feast ahead. Sometimes there’s not time to whip up the perfect dish for your get together. Or maybe you’re just not too handy in the kitchen. Or, just maybe, your hostess has it all planned out, but you want to give thanks in a special way. A Thanksgiving gift basket can be the perfect solution!


In antiquity, the cornucopia, otherwise known as the “horn of plenty,” was a symbol of abundance. Depictions in classical art showed it overflowing with grains, nuts, and other symbols of a hearty bounty.

Today, we most commonly associate the horn of plenty with Thanksgiving. The parallels are obvious, and it’s often shown with symbols we associate with the season, such as squash, pecans, and other symbols of a bountiful harvest.

Even Idaho and North Carolina incorporate this prosperous symbol, such is it importance to America!


A Thanksgiving gift basket is easy to prepare. When you have multiple homes to visit during the holiday, giving your hostess a gift basket is a great way to say thanks – especially when multiple commitments are stretching you thin on time.

When it comes to making a Thanksgiving basket, there are a few options. Some might opt for buying a ready-made basket, and this can be a great choice when you’re pressed for time. There are plenty of terrific choices already on the market. It’s just grab and go!

However, with just a little effort, it’s quick and easy to build your own! When building a gift basket, it’s best to start with a good base. And a good base means choosing a good starting basket.

Choosing the right basket is worth consideration, as the volume of available space is going to dictate how many goodies you can cram inside! Depending on your budget, relationship, and time, you’ll want to choose something that feels appropriate to you. There is no hard and fast rule here – just use your best judgement. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and you’ll have several options for customizing your gift to make it extra special.

Many baskets are going to come in simple designs, like your basic round baskets of woven materials like rattan. For the holiday, a fun alternative is something that carries the spirit of a fall harvest, like these hen baskets.

Their stylized look helps add to the festive atmosphere, and they make for a fun decoration for the kitchen once all the goodies are gone!


Gift baskets are highly customizable, which is great for creativity! When you’re making your own, you can really go the extra mile and personalize the basket for the intended recipient.

One option to consider is a theme. For Thanksgiving, your gift basket can include small gifts and treats that embody the season, such as zucchini bread, seasonal spirits, gourmet sauces, and pumpkin spice anything – maybe even a piece of pumpkin spice jewelry? That’s up to you! This thematic gift is a thoughtful way to share your favorite parts of the holiday that can be enjoying one piece at a time!

It’s a little sneaky, but you could also repackage a gift set. Instead of giving the gift in its bland packaging, you could artfully arrange the goodies inside a basket. And, with just a bit of ribbon, you’ll have something that looks much more thoughtful. It’s a great option for when you feel pressed for time but still want to do something special.

For a really personalized approach, you can throw all the rules out the window! Simply create an eclectic assortment of her favorite things. This might be the most fun, as you can really go ham and collect small gifts that will make her face light up. Personal this Thanksgiving gift basket by using paper fill and ribbon in her favorite colors to give a unique experience.

No matter how you do it, giving your holiday hostess a Thanksgiving gift basket is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work that goes into making your time spent together special. Whether you’re building it from scratch, or dressing up a store-bought gift set, giving a gift basket is a simple way to show you care.

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