Stress, anxiousness, anxiety or even mental strain all are negative terms to describe the state of your mind while in distress. Often our mind can lose control to these emotions. But what if we could control that? When our internal state doesn’t benefit us it’s natural to find something external that might help with our inner peace. such as a spinner ring. This may not be the first or second time you’ve come across a spinner ring, sometimes also known as a fidget ring. But this might be the first time you truly understand its origin and importance.


The Wheel of Life – AKA –  The Bhavachakra –  is an ancient belief of Buddhism that covers the circle of rebirth and enlightenment. The Wheel Prayer helps with meditation and bring good karma to all beings. It’s a prayer and practice that’s hundreds of years old.

Now, modern practitioners have brought it to life in a new light –  the spinner ring. They use it to help relax the mind and distract from negative emotion. Anxiety is tough to deal with but the spinning feature of this ring helps divert attention and slow our focus. The steady spinning can help remind us to focus on the breath and a calmer state of mind. It’s a beautiful way to be somewhere uncomfortable and feel in control.


Often, when we run into some problems mentally, emotionally, or even physically, our brain tends to tense up and we might feel our heart race, shortness of breath, or even stuck. That’s where a spinner ring comes into play.

Wearing this ring can help you feel in control. When spinning the ring your mind can divert a little. It’s a nice reminder that you have control of yourself. Some say it helps calm themselves in situations where they feel no control. Even better? These kinds of fidget behaviors are less noticeable and even normal!


When you face anxiety, fidgeting is often one of the first things we resort to –  biting your nails, pulling your hair, tearing up a piece of paper into itty bitty pieces, or even shaking your leg. Feeling anxious is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it.

And that’s where unique spinner rings come into play; it can help us feel control over the external chaos. If feeling all eyes on you adds to your worries, then a fidget ring might help control your reaction a little more. The smooth, soothing motion of the ring can help you relax.

Although this might not rid you fully from anxiety, a spinner ring might not only help you calm down, but also to slow your breathing, focus your thoughts and push forward.

Often, when dealing with anxiety, we want to shut down –  or worse – not take a step further. But with a spinner ring, you can take back your confidence. With the help of a spinner ring, relaxing your mind and calming your breathing can lead to a calmer state of mind and maybe even true peace.

Shop LC Mens Womens Spinner Band Ring 925 Sterling Silver Statement Boho Handmade Jewelry Gifts for Women Moon Star Celtic Stress Relieving


Crafted carefully by our talented artisans, this best-selling spinner ring embodies the moon and stars above. Together, these symbols represent peace and new beginnings. Will you wish upon a star?

The inner ring rests on your finger while the outer ring rotates, gliding gently over the band. The smooth action is great for those moments where we all want to fidget, and with this moon and stars ring you can do so in style.

“My youngest is a nervous fidgeter, and this ring helps deal with some of that extra energy. Looks nice too. After almost a year of spinning, no appreciable signs of wear so it seems well-made.”

 We get so many questions regarding our rings. And the number one questions is if it’s unisex? The answer is YES! Men can rock this boho look just as well as women. Wearing spinner rings is for anyone who wants a gentle reminder to focus, take their time, and feel empowered. After all, working through our emotions can be difficult for anyone. If you ask us, that’s one of this ring’s best features and why it remains a top selling item!

That’s the spirit! As the moon and stars watch from the heavens, we want to ensure that you can get your very own moon and star spinner ring.

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