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Minimalistic Jewelry: The Trend of the Decade

Minimalism is the trend of the decade as many are trying to scale down their looks for a more effortless, clean feel. But, how did the trend start? Why are people adopting minimalism into jewelry?

Americans, The Materialistic

America had grown increasingly materialistic over the years. Studies had shown that in the 1930’s, an average American woman owned 36 items of clothing. Today, the number jumped to 136 items of clothing. However, over 80% of the clothes are either new or barely worn. This shows that Americans had become obsessed with the style since trends have been coming and going so quickly.

The Book that Started It All

In 2014, Marie Kondo released the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” It encouraged people to declutter and to cut back. The trend took the United States by storm, as trendsetters and entrepreneurs started to focus on minimalism. Minimalism was especially embraced by Millennials. But why did it impact them so much?


What Makes Millennials Different?

Millennials make up more than 25% of the American population, which makes them the largest working population. They are also unique as they grew up during a recession and paid record-high student debt. However, the vast majority of millennials are still willing to spend a little extra on their leisure. In fact, over 78% of millennials would rather spend on experiences and quality, as they favor spending more on ethical products. As a result, brands have placed a growing focus on offering ethically sourced and cruelty-free products.

This inspired Americans to cut down on their excess stuff and to invest in substance over style. The whole point is to find multi-purpose high-quality items and cut out the ones you don’t need!

Showing Restraint with Minimalistic Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the first areas people often look at cutting back. People are often buying jewelry impulsively. However, the reason why it is such a trend is that everyone looks good in it, regardless of age, sin color or whatever. The only rule to minimalism jewelry is that “restraint must be shown.”

Today, people prefer to buy sterling silver for their minimalistic jewelry as it is affordable yet durable. For people on-the-go, this is perfect as you don’t need to think about how to style your jewelry. Minimalist jewelry does not mean the jewelry pieces has to be dainty and boring. It merely means that the jewelry piece fits with everyday outfits.

How to Get Started

1) Figure Out if Jewelry is Sentimental to You

Minimalist jewelry does not mean you have to throw out your great-grandmother’s engagement ring. It just means to start cutting out the jewelry that you bought impulsively at the mall. Plus, this would encourage you to style sentimental jewelry every day!

2) Which Ones Can You Wear Every Day?

Next, look at the material of the jewelry. Are they sterling silver? Are they made to last? If they are not, it does not mean you have to toss them out. It just means you may not be able to style them with the minimalistic trend.

You could always look for items that you could wear with more than two outfits. For example, this is my favorite piece right now:

Not only does the color match with most of my wardrobe, I also don’t have to think about styling jewelry as much as I can just throw them on.

3) Which Ones Go Together?

Still struggling with which jewelry to buy next? Think about which jewelry works well together. That way, you could either wear just a necklace for a simpler look, or all the jewelry for a more dramatic finish! You could even think about which jewelry pairs well together. Consider necklace layering for even more styling options!

What are your tips and tricks for styling minimalist jewelry? Let us know down in the comments below.

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