The Zachery treatment is an exclusive process for treating turquoise. Gems that undergo this process receive several benefits. They are more resistant to discoloration, take a better polish, and can have better color.

Why was it Developed?

James E. Zachery, an electrical engineer with experience in the turquoise trade, invented this method in the late 1980s. He wished to develop a new means of stabilization for turquoise that didn’t add anything artificial to the stone. In this way, he was successful, as Zachery-treated turquoise uses no additional dyes or polymer filling. 

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Advantages of Zachery-treated Turquoise

  • Increased durability, allowing the stone to wear better for longer.
  • Less porous, meaning it keeps its color better.
  • Improved color saturation.
  • Stones are easier to polish.

What are the Benefits?

The Zachery-treatment works on medium to high-grade quality turquoise. Other turquoise is too brittle to take the enhancement. After treatment, the stone can’t easily absorb body oils, the main culprit in discoloration. It also becomes easier to cut and shape. Also, treated turquoise takes a better polish. Many stones also benefit from a brighter color.

There are several ways to process stones. Rough can be treated to decrease porosity without changing the color. Secondly, after cutting a stone from the rough, it can be treated again to improve its color. Lastly, a previously cut, untreated stone, can undergo the process to gain both of the above benefits!

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How to identify Zachery process

As turquoise treated this way doesn’t use any additional dyes or filler; traditional methods of detection won’t work. Only advanced testing can reveal evidence of Zachery-treatment. The best way for a tester to determine Zachery-treatment is through the application of chemicals to the stone. An analysis will show higher concentrations of potassium within the treated stones.

Who knew that this kind of treatment is so amazing?

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