Did you know there’s a way to save daily with Shop LC? You might’ve seen TLV product on-air or online, but what’s the big deal?
Discover why you want to visit Shop LC every day to see the latest TLV products.

What is Today’s Leading Value?

Red diamond gemstone ring.

TLV means Today’s Leading Value. It’s not just a bunch of words, but a promise to you. Your TLV offers even more savings than you’d typically receive on these selected products. With a rotating selection arriving daily, there’s always something new to see when shopping at Shop LC. With specially discounted pricing good for the full day, buying Today’s Leading Value is a great way to experience the best of what Shop LC has to offer.

How is Today’s Leading Value Selected?

With the vast selection of products found at Shop LC, you might wonder how we choose TLV. These valued products are considered on several factors, the most important of which is customer delight. TLV is our chance to excite you with iconic examples of new gemstone jewelry, the best of makeup or skincare, and much more. Today’s Leading Value is the ambassador to an exciting new range of product offerings and is carefully selected to represent this particular status.

When Does TLV Air?

Howlite jewelry set.

There’s no need to be concerned about missing Today’s Leading Value. The special offer airs throughout the day, with times convenient to every schedule. If you choose one time to tune in, then 11:00 PM Central Time is your best bet! It’s your chance to witness these incredible offers launching for the first time.

Starting in October 2019, your TLV has new air-times!

  • 11:00 PM CT
  • 04:30 AM CT
  • 08:00 AM CT
  • 01:00 PM CT
  • 04:30 PM CT
  • 08:30 PM CT

How much does TLV save me?

It might be hard to believe, but you save even more when buying Today’s Leading Value at Shop LC. You’ll save, at a minimum, 20-percent. However, many pieces offer higher savings, up to 60-percent off! It’s important to keep in mind that this special rate is only valid for the day. After that, it returns to its daily low price.

Where can I find Today’s Leading Value?

Decorative table lamp.

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