Everyone knows that fine gold jewelry is among the most treasured accessories a person can own. Unfortunately, the price associated with the gold jewelry often makes buyers shy away from these luxurious options. To overcome this problem, clever manufacturers have developed new techniques to put luxury looks within everyone’s reach. Ion plating is one of such technique; it’s the process of plating stainless jewelry with gold or other finishes. Vermeil, on the other hand, is a popular plating technique used specifically with sterling silver jewelry.


What is Vermeil?

Vermeil ring with South Sea Pearl.

Vermeil, pronounced “vur-MAY,” means “gilded silver.” It’s a premium jewelry finish that only uses genuine gold and precious sterling silver.

Vermeil is a preferred coating method for those who want the look of gold without the associated cost. Of commonly available plating options, vermeil offers a thicker finish, which is essential for increasing the lifespan of the jewelry. The layers of gold are built on one another, creating that look of burnished warmth we love. No doubt. it’s a great and affordable way to have the look of gold without the added cost.


Vermeil Quality Specifications

In the United States, a variety of plating methods are used. Vermeil is considered to be sterling silver plated with a gold alloy of 10K or finer. To be considered authentic vermeil, this coating must be 2.5 microns thick, or greater. A micron is a precise unit of measure for small amounts. One micron equals one-thousandth of a millimeter.


Vermeil Guidelines for Jewelry Manufacturers

Everyone knows that vermeil is among the best option in plated jewelry, and the temptation to imitate this looks is high. The Federal Trade Commission protects against fraud by ensuring manufacturers adhere to strict guidelines when selling vermeil jewelry. Also, sellers cannot offer jewelry sold as vermeil if it doesn’t meet the definition as described above. Besides a silver hallmark, such as a 925 stamp, vermeil jewelry may also display a “Vermeil” quality mark.


Why We Love Vermeil

  • Vermeil offers a premium real gold finish over precious sterling silver. This provides the look of gold without the associated cost.
  • This premium finish is perfect for capturing the dainty essence of rose gold and the burnished warmth of yellow gold.
  • Vermeil jewelry comes with a silver hallmark and possibly a “Vermeil” mark so you know what you’re getting.
  • In the United States, the FTC enforces the definition of vermeil to protect consumers and the industry.
  • The superior gold coating of vermeil jewelry will last for years with proper care and storage.


Vermeil Necklace with Pink Sapphire and Morganite

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