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What the Colors You Wear Say About You

Did you know that the colors you wear influence your mood and the mood of others around you? From trust to desire, the hue of your outfit has a lot to say about what others feel when they see it. Take a look at our list to discover what the colors you wear say about you.


As you probably already know, the color red is associated with desire. Studies have shown that it not only makes others more attracted to you, but makes you feel more attractive while wearing it. This explains the explosion of red on Valentines Day.

Because it’s a strong and powerful color, red suggests that you’re not afraid to stand out and get attention. It can also make you appear to be impulsive and determined.

Wear it when you’re planning a girls night out, so you can stand out. But be weary of a wearing it on a first date or an important meeting at work. You don’t want it to seem like you HAVE to be the center of attention.


This lively shade is very enthusiastic and inviting. Wearing it often suggests that you are competent and independent. Because of its animated color, avoid rocking orange during a serious occasion. Instead, wear it when you want to appear social, friendly, or approachable.



Yellow is the color of fun! It suggests that you’re interesting, active, and lively. The feelings associated with the color yellow are very similar to the colors associated with orange. Because of its bright color, yellow is definitely worth wearing for a pick-me-up.


According to studies, green puts you and those around you in a really good mood. Green is loved because it represents nature, and this is generally soothing and refreshing. Wear green if you’re feeling stressed out at work or just need a feeling of calmness.


Blue is generally acknowledged as the color of success. It helps you to think creatively, and it shows others that you are trustworthy. Wear blue to ace that job interview for the position you’re just dying to have!


Whenever you want to feel creative or inspired, put on something purple. Those who wear purple often tend to want the best out of life, and exude confidence. Wear purple when you’re working on a big project or when you want to send the message that you’re a self-assured thinker.


People who wear brown tend to have a need for a safe, secure and comfortable existence. Wear this when you want your outfit to be understated.


Black is the universal color of authority. It is preferred by fashionistas, cops and CEOs. Many women love black because it’s a slimming color, and it goes with everything.

People wearing it comes across as strong-willed and disciplined, but may also seem too independent and inflexible. Wear black if you’re trying to make a statement, whether it’s to stand up for something or to put your foot down.


White is a positive color, suggesting the individual is well balanced. Of course, the most common time to wear white is at your wedding!

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