Did you know that March 20th is Proposal Day? Learn more about what this special day entails.It is a special day created by John Michael O’Loughlin, who explains that the date is observed in both the Spring and Fall seasons.

man about to propose

What is Proposal Day?

According to O’Louglin, it’s not just a day where one proposes to their loved ones. It is to acknowledge to the person who “you find marriageable that you are interested.” You also prove that you find your love compatible, as it shows commitment and investment in both you and their future. For those who are scared to bend the knee, this day is a great day to finally propose!

Why an Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is a symbol of love, devotion, and fidelity for eternity. The engagement ring goes on the 4th finger because the Romans believed it had the “vein of love” (or the vena amoris). For the longest time, the engagement ring was actually a portion of the bride’s dowry. The ring itself symbolized a woman’s social status, whereas the metal used to create the ring symbolized the man’s social status. If he was of a lower class, the woman would receive a ring from common metals such as iron. If he was from the upper class, the woman would receive a ring coated in platinum or gold.

The first recorded diamond engagement ring actually came from 1477, where Archduke Maximilian presented an engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. However, as women were the only ones who wore wedding bands, the bands would be made from luxurious metals such as gold or silver.

The tradition soon changed to both a man and woman wearing wedding bands, as men were enlisted to fight in WWII and leave their loved ones behind. The engagement ring served as a symbol of the couple’s love, and a durable memento of the commitment they swore to each other.

How do you pick the perfect ring?

Know Your Budget

It is actually a myth that you need to spend your 2 months’ salary on a ring that she would love. You could still get gorgeous rings anywhere, as long as you put thought into it and select something special! So, set your budget and stick to it.

Know the 4C’s

Wait. Is it carrot or carat? What’s clarity? I thought tables were for the furniture you sat by for dinner. not a term describing part of the diamond.

That’s okay if you were not familiar with the 4C’s of diamonds. However, you can start by making educated decisions when choosing your engagement ring. After all, it will increase your enjoyment of the ring you select by making an informed decision.

Know their Taste

Are they into minimalism, or do they prefer something flashy? Are they into a cute heart, or are they into boxy cuts? They are the ones wearing the engagement ring for a lifetime, so your opinion on “what looks good” should take a back seat as you consider buying them their perfect ring.

If they are not the traditional type, look into colored gemstones as an alternative. Not only can you personalize the engagement ring, you could also use the month’s gemstone to celebrate an important date. For example, if your anniversary is in December, you could get a blue zircon instead of a diamond ring!

Don’t worry if you are not sure which ring to pick either. If they are extremely picky about jewelry, you could instead get a placeholder ring. It is a modern trend where the ring acts as a temporary ring until you choose their perfect ring together. That way, you still have something to propose with without the pressure of picking out “the perfect one.”

Know their Size

If you don’t know their ring size, there are a couple GIA-approved ways of determining what their ring size is. You could buy a cheap bar soap and create an impression of one of their rings to match with, or you could wear one of their rings and mark where the ring comfortably rests on your finger. Go to any jeweler, and they should be able to know how to find their size.

Know the Metal

Gold and platinum are the most popular metals for engagement rings, as they are durable yet luxurious. However, the color of the ring is important too. Are they fond of the yellow gold, or do they prefer rose gold? Are they traditional? If you are stuck, definitely ask your most fashionable friend for help.

Know the Setting

No, I don’t mean where you are going to propose (more on this later). I mean the jewelry setting, which is how the gemstones are set on the ring. The most popular setting is the classic solitaire, but the sidestone, the three-stone, and the halo are also rising in popularity.

Know your Jeweler

Find a jeweler who not only fits your budget but is professional. They should be respectful and patient with you, as they should understand that this is your moment to get it right. It is important to read up on the reviews here – as you need to know what you are getting yourself into.

jeweler inspecting gemstone

So, How should you actually propose?

Pick a Date

First, pick a proposal day that they and you are both free. To make the day extra special, pick a date that is special for both of you. For example, when is your anniversary? When is their birthday? Definitely factor that in if you want it to be memorable.

If you are still struggling, you could pick March 20th! After all, it’s Proposal Day.

Pick an Engagement Ring

What better way to seal in that oath of commitment than with a piece of precious jewelry?

Understand their taste

Just like the ring, the proposal day itself is a day that should be important to both of you. Some people love the idea of everyone watching them getting proposed to in front of many people, while others prefer to leave that memory to just between the two of you. Respect their wishes, as making them uncomfortable or disappointing them on their own proposal day is the last thing you would want.

Pick a Location

Nowadays, it is common for people to propose in the restaurant. It is romantic, it is surprising, and it is definitely very fancy. However, others choose to propose in front of the location of their first date, or at their favorite hotel. Although it is stressful, understand that no matter where you propose, the day will always be special to them.

You’re Not Alone

There is so much pressure on trying to make the day of your proposal absolutely perfect. Just like your (soon-to-be) wedding, you are only going to go through it once in your lifetime. It must be stressful! However, you are not alone. Everyone would love to be included in your master plan in executing the perfect proposal – so reach out! You could gather your closest friends, your parents, your (soon-to-be) in-laws, the waitresses from the restaurants, the security guards from the building, and anyone else to take part in your proposal day!

man with ring and flowers

Use this day to celebrate your love! Do you have an amazing proposal day story? Let us know in the comments below!

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