Feeling off your game today? It might be because you had to “spring forward.” It’s Daylight Saving Time, which is when most of us turn our clocks ahead one hour. Whether you agree with it or not, check out this list of things to do with that extra hour of sunlight!

You could brush up on your basketball skills.

Basketball sitting on blacktop.

Might as well shoot some hoops in honor of March Madness. This year the first game of March Madness will take place on March 17. Even if you aren’t a huge basketball fan, it’s extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

You could get active outdoors.

Father and son hiking outdoors.

Spring means the weather will be warmer and sunnier (Don’t quote us on that seeing as that was a pretty crazy winter). With the extra hour of sunlight, you can take that hike you’ve been meaning to do.

You could do a lot more festivities during Spring Break.

Friends enjoying a beach sunset.

The days are technically longer, so now you can squeeze in some extra time at the pool or at your favorite patio bar for day drinking. Check out our 15 Spring Break Essentials post to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

You could indulge in some serious shopping.

Pair of women shopping.

Get your daily dose of vitamin D by going to a flea market or outlet stores. Malls can be fun, but sometimes you just want more sun.

You could give your garden some extra TLC with the extra daylight.

Woman potting plants.

Early spring is the perfect time to plant onions, peas and spinach. If you like flowers more than produce, now is a great time to plant flowers like pansies, yellow trilliums and lilacs.

You could simply enjoy the sunshine.

Woman in white in yellow field of flowers.

After that fickle winter, it will be nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine! Hopefully these ideas will make your daylight savings time more enjoyable.

What do you plan to do with the extra hour of sunshine?

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