Figuring out what you want to wear for the day is difficult enough. How in the world can you be expected to plan an entire weekend full of events with limited luggage space?! Don’t fret because we are here to help you find the perfect combination of clothes for those summer weekends filled with a busy schedule. From laying out in the sun all day to classing it up at an outdoor wedding, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to pack for a weekend with a rehearsal barbecue, morning workout, wedding reception, casual brunch and a day at the beach.

Yes, all of these items will get you through a long weekend and provide plenty of space for pajamas and toiletries (you thought we forgot about those didn’t you?!). These choices also leave you a little room for vacation goodies! Here is exactly how you can mix and match these items for each activity.


Rehearsal Barbecue

This Friday happens to land on Independence Day so make sure you’re dressed for this special weekend with a patriotic ensemble. The outfit is appropriate for a rehearsal barbecue and the colors show your holiday spirit. Pair it with your gold shoes and bright necklace to add flare. For help finding the perfect pair of sunnies for your trip, check out our sunglasses guide here!


Morning Workout

Here is the perfect combination of active wear for all you weekend warriors. Even though this is an isolated outfit and you couldn’t pair it with anything else during your trip, fitness is important. Plus, who would want to wear sweaty clothes again? These are simple items and won’t take up a lot of space. Be sure to get a workout top like this one because the sports bra is built into the shirt, which means more room for other things in your suitcase!

Outdoor Wedding

Chances are, you have already been invited to at least one outdoor wedding this summer. These weddings can be difficult to plan for because of the weather. A bright maxi dress is the answer but we can’t guarantee that you aren’t going to look better than the bride with this outfit! As we said in our maxi dress guide, they are very versatile and comfortable. Save space by using those gold sandals you wore to the barbecue. Adding an oversized clutch and gold earrings provide the finishing touches to this chic look.


Casual Brunch and Beach Fun

Be sure to come to brunch in style with tribal pattern because it’s a hot trend this summer.  It consists of strong, graphic prints combined with warm, earthy tones and natural accents. Tribal shorts are a must because they are fun, colorful and chic. Natural accents such as a brown tote set the look off perfectly. After brunch you can head to the beach and soak up the sun without changing your wardrobe. The ocean won’t be the only thing sparkling when you have this beautiful howlite necklace. The blue matches perfectly with the shorts. You’ll be able to continue being a stylish beach bum with your brown accessories to emphasize the look.

There you have it! Chic and stylish outfits that won’t break your suitcase. You will also save on laundry because nobody has time for that on vacation! A few other ways to save space include buying travel sized toiletries instead of your full-sized ones, rolling your laundry instead of folding it and carrying a soft sided suitcase instead of a hard one because it is more flexible. We hope you have a safe and fun weekend! 

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