Summer is coming to an end, which means class will be back in session before you know it. make sure you’re prepared to make a stylish first impression by checking out our Back-to-School fashion tips that provide you with simple and pocket-friendly tricks for staying fashionable.


Not having anything for your first back-to-school picture might feel like a nightmare. Here are a few tips for buying the right pieces of clothing for a trendy look every day:

Shift dresses

Also often called shirt dresses, they can be worn in different ways. Try accessorizing with a pair of strappy sandals, a bold or slim belt and also your favorite pair of sheer black leggings for a chic look. This apparel can hence suit your daytime wear and evening out needs.

Woman standing in the street with shift dress.

Color Blocks

Whether tank tops, plain tees, solid colored scarves or pastel colored skirts and dresses, color blocking are not only trendy but a clever way to get the most out of your wardrobe. Mix and match with prints and accessories to create different, fashionable looks every time!

Mannequin with mustard green coverup, gray shirt and blue denim.

Loosen Up

Buy slightly oversized t-shirts and shirts. These pieces are excellent when it comes to wearing in different styles. The same shirt can be loosely tucked in with a skirt or jeans, knotted up at your waist, or be worn in different layers.

Woman wearing white loose tee.


When in doubt, stick to florals! They’re an evergreen summer print. Choose a light and neutral background for warmer weather, saving black for fall or winter. Pair a plain crop-top and denim shorts combo with a floral scarf and floral print crossbody bag. A floral print sundress with a waist-defining belt and pastel-colored sandals and saddle sling bag make for a winning combination.

Floral backpack against white background.


One should never underestimate the importance of the right jewelry or accessories. Offering endless combinations, transform your attire to match your mood or the occasion.


The most practical accessory ever! These delightful pieces give your persona a chic appeal. Even if you are required to wear uniforms, your backpacks and totes can do a lot for you!

Cute floral handbag against white background.

Neutral Chic

Consider a tan backpack or black and white combinations. These go a long way in style no matter which attire you choose.

Tan handbag against white background.

Animal Print Wallets

Perhaps you can’t have a cool, funky bag – but the right wallet is perfect for showcasing your personality. These animal print wallets will help you stay sassy always. Learn more ways to include these exotic prints in your wardrobe.

Set of five different wallets against white background.


With fall coming, scarves serve not only as a fashion accessory but also as a practical way to keep warm. This particular accessory showcases delightful versatility with fashionable ways of wearing it. Whether a silk scarf for a dressy night-out look or an infinity scarf to brighten up your plain tee, Shop LC provides a plethora of prints, colors, and materials for you to choose from.

Plaid scarf against white background.


Jewelry is the perfect spice to complement any attire you choose. To keep things cheap and delightful we suggest:


The classy shimmer of metal in silver, gold, or rose gold lends a dreamy allure and minimalistic look to your appearance.

Metallic earrings against white background.

Set and Multi-wear Pieces

A set of jewels, or a multi-year piece like a ring which turns into a bracelet, are your best options for keeping things under budget. They allow you to wear the pieces individually or together in multiple combinations.

Set of gold bracelets against white background.

Trend Tips

Dashing Denim

Denim is evergreen and versatile. Be it a pair of jeans, shorts, jacket, or overalls, pair them with multiple other tops of different colors and patterns.

Military Green

Army green is a new color trend which can be accommodated with camouflage pattern pants or jackets and backpacks of this neutral color.

Play with Paid

Plaids are a hot new trend and perfect for your back-to-school look. A bold pattern of checks and plaids can be styled as scarves, plaid shirts, dresses, backpacks and more.

Now you know the best ways to prepare your closet for a new school year. Which tip is your favorite? Which accessory would you pick first? Let us know in the comments below!

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