Summer is full of warm days and long weekends. Whether you plan to have a weekend getaway or you plan to get comfy at home with a stay-cation, make sure you have all the essentials for a wonderful weekend! Check out our What to Wear Guide below to discover how escaping for the weekend can be done in style!


What to Wear - Escaping for the Weekend - Stay-cation

1. J Francis Hotel Collection Robe 2. J Francis Hotel Collection Duvet 3. J Francis Hotel Collection Throw 4. J Francis Hotel Collection Pillows

Save money this summer by kicking back and relaxing at home. Stay-cations are great because you don’t have to travel anywhere and you get to be with all of your own things.

Upgrade your stay-cation by getting things that will make your home feel more tranquil and comforting. Our J Francis hotel collection bedding features all-weather material for a lavish feeling all year-round. From cotton towels to luxurious throws, J Francis has you covered when it comes to coziness in the home.


What to Wear - Escaping for the Weekend - Honeymoon

1. Pearl Pendant 2. Amethyst Heart Ring 3. Diamond Heart Earrings 4. Amethyst Bangle

Wedding season means that it’s also the honeymoon season! Whether you’re planning to escape to a tropical island or take a cruise to a bunch of exotic places, you’ll want to look your best.

Keep things romantic by wearing jewelry that symbolizes love. For instance, this beautiful, eye-catching pearl pendant featuring a heart would be perfect for a candle-lit dinner. You can also rock stones that feature passionate colors and designs, such as amethyst, rose quartz, morganite, ruby diamonds and pearls.

Beach Ready

What to Wear - Escaping for the Weekend - Beach Ready

1. Printed Beach Tote 2. Mother of Pearl Earrings 3. Mediterranean Coral Pendant 4. Wooden Beads Bracelet

Summer days spent at the beach are summer days well spent. Compliment the sea with corals, pearls and beaded jewelry. An oversized tote and floppy hats are also a must when it comes to spending the weekend with your toes in the sand.

Weekend Getaway

What to Wear - Escaping for the Weekend - Weekend Getaway

1. Set of Multipurpose Bags 2. Black Leatherette Travel Set 3. Camel Leatherette Handbag 4. Hair Clip Set

No matter where you go, if you’re getting away for the weekend, you’ll need some travel necessities. Some travel-friendly accessories include cross body bags, kimonos and hair clips. When it comes to jewelry, try to stick with fashion jewelry. It’s less expensive than luxury jewelry, and you wouldn’t mind as much if you accidentally lost it during your trip.

Now that you’re all set with the essentials to have a fun weekend, what do you plan to do?


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