For Giuseppe Perez, telling passionate stories through luxurious jewelry at affordable prices is more important than merely selling a brand name. People label his work as passionate, thoughtful, eccentric, and even striking when his whimsical pieces grace the homepage of Shop LC. His collection is perfect for women who love cutting-edge Italian fashion jewelry.

“For me, every piece is the best because I make with passion, with love, from my experience. What is important is the story behind the pieces. For me, every lady is a queen.” – Giuseppe Perez

Who is Giuseppe Perez?

Giuseppe Perez came from a family line of traditional, Italian jewelry designers. In fact, his family had been in the gemstone business since the 15th century, as his great-grandfather had designed for Spanish Royalty generations ago. For decades, he has perfected his craft to treat all of his clients as the royalty for which his family had once served and designed.

Shop LC lost a member of our Shop LC family on January 19, 2019, when Pippo passed away during the Vicenzaoro jewelry trade show. Giuseppe Perez was 72. Mr. Perez is survived by his daughter, Gaia Perez.

Through his official brand Instagram, we are in part told:

“We want to remember him with the same affection and the contagious smile with which he has always welcomed us into his precious family. The company thanks all who knew him and appreciated his charisma and his character, as a designer and first of all as a man, carrying on his work with his style and his unmistakable signature.”

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Buon Viaggio Pippo 💔

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Where does inspiration strike?

One of the most frequently asked questions is where his source of inspiration springs. His humble answer surprises most, as it’s from both tradition and everyday life. This makes his work extremely accessible to anyone and everyone who has come across his collection before. His work is provoking and bold, perfect for those who challenge mainstream fashion while staying incredibly elegant. His collection oozes passion and love, with each piece whispering intimate stories about his past life. Some even say that his work defines the duality between the bold and delicate.

Giuseppe Perez Jewelry Spotlight

Enamel chili pepper pendant in sterling silver.Chili Pepper Necklace

This daring design proves that GP is the latest hot designer in demand. The piece adds a sense of boldness, as red is the new power color of the season. Anyone can wear red, and therefore, everyone can wear a chili pepper. The delicate jewelry surrounding the chili pepper proves how thoughtful Perez is when designing each product.

Peacock quartz teardrop ring in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold finish.Teardrop Ring

This teardrop shaped gemstone has a teal and royal blue gradient, showcasing the delicate nature of this ring. As every lady deserves to be treated like royalty, this ring can display the luxuriously feminine side of every woman. The small, precious gemstone compliments the main teardrop gemstone not only to add color to the ring, but also adding a delicate boldness to the jewelry.

Goddess earrings in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold finish and alexite accents.Goddess Earrings

This ethereal pair of earrings brings a bold elegance to any outfit you are wearing. The warm tone of the Goddess face provides contrast to the cool tones of lavender alexite. The detail of the serene face creates intriguing contrast by employing negative space, but pairing with such a delicate gemstone makes this jewelry a truly luxurious piece inspired by queens.

What is your favorite memory of Giuseppe “Pippo” Perez? Please share them in the comments.

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