If your plans for the holidays are still up in the air, you might want to get on that. Traveling gets more expensive the closer it gets to the date. Having trouble with deciding who to visit for the holidays? No worries! Shop LC has provided this nifty flowchart to help you determine whether to travel for Christmas or spend it at home.

Every family is different. So, if you are planning to visit in-laws or friends during the holidays, here are some tips to ensure that you enjoy every moment with them.

Tips for Spending Quality Holidays with In-Laws

Family going outside having fun

Have Realistic Expectations: It’s fine to hope for the best but let’s be realistic, don’t over-expect anything. They will be just like they always have been.

Don’t Take Everything Personally: Holidays can become quite stressful sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean that every word of your in-laws is directed towards you. If you keep this in mind, you will enjoy your holidays more peacefully.

Be a Team Player: If you are at your in-laws, join them in things like making meals or playing games.

Humor is Life-Savior: Try to find humor out of what you or your in-laws do as it will create great stories that you will enjoy for years to come.

It’s Just Holidays: Knowing that you’ll be at your place after the holidays and it’s just a matter of days, can make the difference.

Set-up Return Strategy: Decide beforehand how long you are going to stay at your in-laws; especially with your spouse.

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Find Some time to Recharge: Holidays often become tiresome. So, take some “time-out” for yourself. A bath, or quality time with kids or grandkids, is the best way to get recharged.

Tips for Spending Quality Holidays with Friends

Celebrating holidays with friends can be awesome. Just read the following tips to do the things in the right way:

Celebrate with friends Who Get Along: Spend the holidays with whom you are comfortable. If your friend is fine but her spouse is not, things can quickly become a nightmare.

Give Space…But Not Too Much: Spend some time alone, but not too much. Taking some “time out” will let you enjoy the moments that your friend/s may not.

Speak up & Be a Good Listener Too: While discussing critical points, always keep an open mind. Speak your mind, but always listen to the points made by others.

Clean up your own mess: Nobody likes to clean the mess made by other people. Do the work that is assigned to you without complaining, just like everyone will.

Christmas red boxes

Finally, Holiday Gifts: Giving nice gifts to your in-laws or friends can make them feel special. If you’re still looking for a fun and thoughtful gift, check out Shop LC’s wide range of products that include jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle products, home décor items and much more. Buy your favorite holiday gift at Merry Little Prices or use one of our tips to make your holidays more fun and impressive.

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