How this versatile accessory won our hearts

Without a doubt, knotted headbands are one of the biggest trends for 2020. Do you think it reflects our transition from the workplace to indoors? Certainly, it reflects versatility, which we need more than ever right now. A nicely chosen knotted headband is perfect for any hairstyle, either up or down.

When you need to hop onto a Zoom call for work or school, a headband is there for you. For just a little effort, you are able to quickly and effortlessly dress up your look. There’s a good reason these chunky accessories are everywhere this year!

Wearing a knotted headband with a face mask

With mask wearing as part of our new normal, it only stands to reason that we’ll want to coordinate our look with our face coverings. Thankfully, Shop LC is there for you! Consider these three employee-designed prints.

Ivory knotted headband and matching face mask.

Drawing inspiration from nature, this ivory print headband was designed by an employee’s brother. While studying design, he found harmony among the trees on campus. It’s a design that has layers, starting simple but becoming more complex and intriguing as you study it. Quartz buttons provide a subtle accent behind the ear.

Bird of paradise print headband.

This colorful and fun bird of paradise print headband reflects our designer’s attitude towards making the most of things. As she tells us at Shop LC, this playful print mirrors the paradise she has found by living her best life. A white bird peeks out from among green foliage, while apricot floral accents add a touch of interest. Created malachite buttons complete the look.

Aqua polka dot knotted headband with matching face mask.

Many are predicting that aqua tones will be a major influence as we look to next year. And, this subtle polka dot headband embraces the idea. Aqua tones are increasingly being associated with tech, and the designer tells us that she expects to see technology and fashion intersect more than ever! Playing on a binary input/output theme, touches of shadow create a sense of protrusion and depth. Buttons of lapis lazuli add an extra flourish!

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