I have had the pleasure of sharing loose gemstones with you for awhile now, and I just wanted to share with you why I have absolutely fallen in love with them.

First of all, you can’t deny their beauty, the colors, shapes, even their personality hits me every single time I see them. There are so many ways and reasons to collect gemstones. You could collect every stone in your favorite shape or color. You could collect just your very favorite stone but in all shapes and sizes. Or just the best stone that you can afford in each gem group. Whether it is for personal entertainment, educational or aesthetic value or investment purposes you are limited in your collection only by your imagination.

Do you have a collection of something? It seems everyone collects something. My Mother recently reminded me that as a child I was obsessed with butterflies. As a matter of fact, since we lived within walking distance of school my mother would send me out the door in the morning with a kiss in my closed fist, (just in case I might need it during the day). On one particular day I ended up being two hours late for kindergarten, when asked why I merely stated that I had been chasing butterflies, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to put butterflies before school. I remember absolutely loving the bright colors and beautiful patterns of their wings as they so gracefully fluttered through the air. My Grandmother would help me collect butterflies and pin them to a long wide ribbon of black velvet that she had hung on the wall. I guess that would be my very first experience at collecting.

I also collected agates, seashells, vintage jewelry and blue willow china.(I still collect shells).

My fascination with gemstones is growing rapidly. Although I am intrigued by the color, I find that cut and shape is what draws me in. To think that a person has taken a piece of rough and has held it so carefully while he ground down each and every facet to a symmetrical shape that can either make or break a stone is incredible! To me every stone has become really a three dimensional sculpture in and of its’ own right.

The Art Major in me comes out every single time I see a loose gemstone and it is truly thrilling for me to look at a stone and realize that I am not bound by someone else’s definition of beauty as to how to wear it. By buying a loose gem, I have an unique opportunity to decide how I want to set it and wear it, That’s why I like giving loose gems as gifts, it gives me the chance to share that unique experience with the person I am giving it too.

Speaking of loose gemstones, I am so honored that I will be joining Sayed this Saturday evening, March 22nd, as we will host the March All Star Event for The Jewelry Channel together. During that show we will showcase some of the most collectable and magnificent loose gemstones that I have ever seen in person! AAAA Tanzanite in weights between 15 carats and over 33 carats, and a Paraiba Tourmaline that weighs in at a whopping 97.20! Can you just imagine that? Not to mention some finished jewelry pieces that would rival any crown jewel collection. As well as some Iliana and special TJC classics so that everyone watching will find something to add to their collection. It will be truly a treat to behold for all!

Happy collecting!

Michelle Stoffel

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