In the last few years, geometric jewelry has become extremely popular. It is a minimalistic and sophisticated look that can be adapted to any style. The honeycomb shape, in particular, has been a very fashionable shape for jewelry. It is a form that we see in nature all around us, so why not apply it to fashion? Sometimes known as a honeycomb cut, learn why you need a beehive cut gemstone right now!

Amethyst honeycomb cut gem in ring.

What is a Honeycomb?

Beehives are a wonder of nature. This hexagon shape is so perfect it can be hard to imagine it was created by honeybees. Since ancient times humanity has been admiring this shape. It is said to be one of the most robust geometric shapes.

It is useful in construction because it’s an efficient use of space while also providing storage. No wonder honeybees chose it for their hives!

Green quartz bracelet with beehive cut gemstones.

What Does a Honeycomb Mean?

Besides the beehive, the hexagon is found in many places throughout nature. It represents harmony and balance in life. The honeycomb structure has been applied to many uses today from mechanical engineering to fashion. It is truly a versatile shape!

There are so many ways to find beauty in the world around us. When it comes to fashion and beauty, finding inspiration in Mother Nature is common. Harnessing natural patterns is a beautiful way of connecting with nature while reminding us of the small wonders in the world.

Citrine gemstone ring featuring a beehive cut gemstone.A beehive cut gemstone captures a piece of that wonder as jewelers carve tiny facets into each stone. This creates a miniature honeycomb you can hold in your hand!

Specialty cuts are becoming more popular and sought after. These cuts are unusual and draw light to the stone in different ways, creating a beautiful and unique look.

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