Earlier this week, Shop LC raised $2000 in support of the Hernandez Literacy Project at Hernandez Middle School. This money will go a long way for students. The funds will help purchase about 300 books for students to practice and increase their literacy skills.

Research shows that reading books can protect students from a drop in reading proficiency during breaks from regular instruction.

Dr. Patricia Ephlin, Principal of Hernandez Middle School

Why does it matter? It’s simple. A recent report from the Department of Education shows that the pandemic has created a dip in literacy among younger students. For students of Black or Hispanic backgrounds, this impact may be even greater. Hernandez Middle School has about a 52% Hispanic population and 15% Black population, based on data from 2019-20 school demographics.

To raise the money, Shop LC ran special programming. Ankur’s Treasure Chest featured unique deals to help benefit the school. Broadcast during peak shopping time, the $2000 donation was raised within hours.

“There are many benefits to students owning and reading their own books at home,” explains Dr. Patricia Ephlin, Principal of Hernandez Middle School. “Research shows that reading books can protect students from a drop in reading proficiency during breaks from regular instruction.” Dr. Ephlin says, “Reading achievement gaps between lower-income students and their middle and upper-income peers can be narrowed when students have reading books available to them at home.”

When students get to choose books they are excited about they take ownership of their learning. These new books will offer updated and contemporary options for students to engage with while developing their skills and a love a reading.

At Shop LC, we learned just how seriously these kids take learning, and reading in particular. Hernandez students compete in annual district and regional competitions such as the Reading Rumble and Battle of the Books, which fosters reading engagement through teamwork, collaboration, and healthy competition.

Book donations allow competitors to own individual copies they can reread and reference in preparation for the big event. This is extra time to prepare as they ready themselves for competition.

But that’s not all! The Hernandez Literacy Projects also supports programming like Teentober celebrations, Black History Month Trivia Challenge, Women’s History Month Scavenger Hunt, Blind Date With a Book, and more.

Books are just one essential school supply. We might not always think of it as such, but so is healthy food. When kids get proper nutrition, their performance also improves. This is why Shop LC provides a meal to kids for every item sold through Your Purchase Feeds, our giving program.

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