Are You in The Kaftan Club?

If you’re not in the know, a kaftan is a loose-fitting tunic worn over your clothes. Perfect for warmer weather, kaftans are quickly becoming a womenswear staple. These flowing garments are known for their bright and colorful prints and patterns. From the resort to the weekend, there’s a kaftan dress for everyone.

Shop LC caught up with Joe Josephs, President of Winlar. Winlar has been producing luxurious women’s kaftans for decades. And, today, Joe keeps the tradition alive for today’s audience. Learn why we love Winlar kaftan dresses and why Shop LC supports vendors like Joe.

Shop LC: How did you get started in making kaftans?

Joe: It’s hard to believe I have been working in my family’s business for almost 30 years. My grandfather started the company nearly 100 years ago on the Lower East Side of New York.

When I started in the business, our factories were located in New York and South Carolina. But times were changing, and in order to remain competitive our business model was forced to shift, and importing goods from overseas became the norm.

SLC: How did this change how you do business?

Joe: While making clothes thousands of miles away in another county does take away some of your control, I was able to build new relationships and partnerships my grandfather never could have imagined!

We now have a production office overseas, and have worked with the same factories and suppliers for nearly 25 years.

SLC: How has your relationships evolved with your overseas partners over the years? With over two decades of experience, there must have been lots of opportunity to develop how you do business.

Joe: While quality and timeliness are always important, we also place a high premium on the human element of the business. This includes the working conditions in the factories, fair trade, and what goes into the garments and packaging.

Some importers will do anything they have to in order to get the price they want from a factory, but for us, it is just as important to make sure they have enough of a profit margin to sustain good working conditions and produce garments at a standard you can be proud of.

Ultimately, the thing that is most important to me is the customer. At the end of the day, if they enjoy the final product, then I have done my job well!

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