Introducing jewelry that mirrors the beauty of bright blue sky or flowing ocean is the best way to make yourself feel lovely.  Find these icy offerings in the Winter Blues collection from Shop LC. These crisp and cool treasures are perfect to enhance your look for any event that demands a gentle encounter with eye-catching blue jewelry.


ILIANA Collection AAA tanzanite cluster statement ring in 18K white gold.

ILLIANA AAA Tanzanite Statement Ring

The Winter Blues collection brings a hand-picked selection of blue gemstone jewelry. Shop LC is the best place to explore these outstanding and cool blue stones. Lookout for choices in turquoise, tanzanite, and the ultimate yet classic gemstone – sapphire. These shimmering jewels are designed in sparkling sterling silver, graced with a finish of platinum or bright yellow gold. They’re your exceptional choices for an instant makeover with an extra dose of romance and beauty.


Larimar halo ring in sterling silver

Larimar Halo Ring

Blue is an all-time favorite hue, especially in jewelry. This color is an ideal choice to offer an elegant yet glamorous shine. Moreover, blue jewelry makes an impressive decision for those who are in love with the color blue.

Winter Blues are undisputed selections for your formal, casual, traditional or chic affairs during the holiday season. With a glacial glare, these beauties bring calmness, poise, and attraction. And, each piece has something unique to offer!

Lapis lazuli halo statement ring in sterling silver with 14K yellow gold finish.

Lapis Lazuli Butterfly Halo Ring

Go for a lazuli beaded necklace in silver or gold for pairing with a cute white top and jeans. Lapis lazuli adds the magical flair of Arabian nights with its gold flakes twinkling like stars in a midnight sky. It’s ideal for adding chic flair for casual parties.

Sapphires are known for their imperial beauty, excellent for transforming any clothing choice. Carry prestige and charm at any holiday event while styling your look with a classic sapphire ring.

An apatite pendant is great for formal or casual attire. Their neon blue color works miracles by hosting a unique liveliness. Wear it alone, or combine with a pair of earrings for a glamorous effect!

Blue jewelry is a colorful option for styling up any winter outfit. Even if you’re somewhere without snow, things can still be fun. These stones work well around the year, and work best with black, white, and gray clothing. With all these dusky options, blue gemstone jewelry infuses a required dose of color when you’re out to make your style statement. Plus, blue jewelry looks fabulous with warm hues such as red, yellow, and orange.

The Winter Blues jewelry collection is the perfect complement to this chilly season by adding a brilliant display of icy blue hues for any event! Are you ready to steal the show with these icy treasures?

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