In the depths of Winter, things can seem a little gloomy. Sometimes, we forget to celebrate the majesty of this frosty weather, and the unique treasures it brings. Snowflake jewelry is a great way to capture the spirit of these special creations Mother Nature provides us. Are you ready to get lost in a flurry of winter jewelry?

Most of us probably think of Christmas when we think about snowflakes, and for a long time this has been a symbol of the season. We liken the purity of these frozen fractals to the sacrifice of Christ. Others might consider a snowflake for its sense of uniqueness, as we say that no two are alike. Finally, some might appreciate a snowflake as a moment in time that will pass. With its fragile nature, a snowflake brings beauty for a short time before melting as the cycle of life continues.

Sterling silver snowflake pendant with zircon accents.

A snowflake pendant is one of the best choices you can make when choosing winter jewelry. Not only emblematic of the season, but it’s also very easy to wear. At a time when we bundle up with hats and gloves, you can continue wearing a pendant on top of outerwear. It’s a fun, frosty way to celebrate the season and show that the cold doesn’t bother you.

Snowflake ring with blue apatite in sterling silver setting.

Still, some may prefer something a little more ‘hands-on,’ and you can’t go wrong with a snowflake ring! With hexagonal rays spreading from a jeweled center, the icy gem at the center of this winter ring offers a glamourous take on Winter.

Freshwater cultured pearl snowflake pendant in sterling silver.

While lots of us think of pale and precious blue gems for a proper winter look, there are other options! Cultured pearl offers a sophisticated touch to any selection of snowflake jewelry. It’s an excellent way to dress up casual wear for a more refined appearance. Not to mention, but you’ll also find even more options in winter jewelry, including holiday favorites red and green!

Sterling silver snowflake charm with blue gem accents.

Still not sure how you want to wear your snowflake jewelry? Luckily, there’s really no rules at all! Turn to a snowflake charm for creating a unique look whenever you want it. With a sturdy spring ring clasp, attach this glittering charm onto your favorite necklace or bracelet. Or do something even more creative!

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