October 16th is World Food Day, which is a day to take action against hunger and to celebrate food security for all. Every year, this day is observed in more that 150 countries. Every individual has the right to be free from hunger and the right to access food easily. Continue reading to discover more about this cause and ways you can help.


Many solutions to the hunger crisis rely on agriculture since it’s the main source of food and also a source of income to many. One of the purposes of World Food Day is to educate people on how to support farmers and the act of farming itself. By doing so, together we can increase public awareness of food problems and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger and poverty.

2015 ThemeWorld Food Day 2016 - Grains

Every year, there is a theme for World Food Day. This year’s them is “Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty.”

Social protection improves people’s access to health care and other social services, which enables them to effectively provide for themselves and their family. Social protection programs, such as social insurance, labor market policies and programs, enhance the income, status and capacities of poor and vulnerable people.

Facts to Share

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This year’s World Food Day puts the spotlight on the connection between hunger and enhancing agriculture through social protection towards zero poverty. Please participate by sharing the information you have just learned in order to increase public awareness of such an important cause.