More than 7 billion people live on the planet Earth. Each one of them has the fundamental right to feel happy, but not every one of them knows it. Therefore, to recognize “happiness” as a fundamental human right, in 2013 the United Nations declared March 20th as the International Day of Happiness. This year’s theme is Happier Together, which encourages us to connect by what we have in common rather than what makes us different. But, how do people believe yellow gemstones can make them happier?

The Properties of Yellow Gems

Happiness is present in every heart, waiting to be unlocked by the right key. One of the many ways to bring out that inner happiness is by using the right healing crystals. Since antiquity, crystal gemstones have been used by civilizations for their ability to unlock our inner joy and amplify the wearer’s capacity for experiencing joy.

In the world of gemstones, yellow gemstones are famous for their ability to make the wearer feel happier and more balanced. The color yellow itself stands for freshness, happiness, satisfaction, success, energy, and cheerfulness.

While there is no scientific proof of the power of yellow gems, many people still feel the effect of their abilities. So, if you’re also interested, here are some of the most popular yellow crystals for happiness.


Small citrine geode resting on fingers.

This sparkling yellow gemstone is said to bring abundant happiness. One of the most potent stones to combat stress and depression, citrine is recognized as the stone of light, sun, and life. It is a fantastic means to help you acquire prosperity and riches. Citrine is especially beneficial for those suffering from lack of concentration.

Yellow Apatite

Rough yellow apatite crystal in host rock.

This marvelous gemstone is believed to clear away confusion and negativity. It is said to create an aura of brilliant, mystical energy to boost your mood and enliven your day. Yellow apatite re-energies hope and stimulates your passion for life, promoting a sense of confidence, and enables you to execute your plans. Also known as the “Stone of Learning,” this beautiful stone enhances the wearer’s ability to process new information.

Yellow Jasper

Tumbled yellow jasper gemstones.

This colorful gemstone is said to promote happiness, clarity, and confidence in an individual. It is also believed to store the sun’s energy throughout the changing seasons. Yellow jasper triggers positive vibes making your thoughts more optimistic. Both Indians and Native Americans think of jasper as an intense healing stone. It is especially useful in replacing negative energy with jovial emotions and bringing enthusiasm to one’s life. Yellow jasper is one of the most popular gemstones for positivity and happiness.

Yellow Fluorite

Rough yellow fluorite gemstone.

Also known as “golden fluorite,” this dazzling yellow gemstone is said to be a crystal of unity, intelligence, and imagination. It enhances thoughtfulness, reasoning and intellectual ability while improving one’s thoughts and resourcefulness. Yellow fluorite is said to be beneficial for evoking a cooperative spirit and embodied by the readiness to work together for the common good. It encourages positive viewpoints and brings harmony to all aspects of one’s life.

You can wear these beautiful yellow gemstones as jewelry or obtain a tumbled stone to enjoy their cheerful vibes. Give a few of these dazzling yellow crystals a try and see how they make you feel! It’s possible they might surprise you with a boost of happiness and fortune — even if it’s just because they look beautiful.

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