Did you know that today is National Cousin’s Day? This is the perfect time to celebrate our “first friends” with jewelry! This tangible reminder helps you connect even when you’re apart.

What kind of cousin do you have? Get your “first friend” the perfect gift with our guide.


Closeup of "Always Hope" by Kasi

Teens are still figuring out their lives. They are still learning to love themselves and learning to find their strengths while finding out their passions. In that case, get them teen jewelry! Designs like those in the KASI Collection helps remind them of their strengths.

Closeup of emerald necklace against white background

This is the trendy cousin who is always on top of her fashion game. In that case, get her some emerald jewelry as it is a neutral color and styles well with everything! Plus, emerald jewelry is a bold statement jewelry that brings an amazing glam to their life.


Closeup of 6 pairs of earrings

They are always hitting the gym and being on top of their health game. They often cop a pair of yoga pants and sport a gym shirt everywhere they go. For this friend, make sure to get them some stud earrings! That way, they look amazing on the treadmill.

Consider options like gold or stainless steel. These metals are resistant to tarnish and remain easy to clean, perfect for dealing with all the sweat they’re sure to work up!


Closeup of simple ring with knot design

If they don’t have piercings, get them a simple ring. Make sure that the band is plain so they don’t injure themselves or anyone in the process!


Closeup of EON Watch

You can spot them with a cop of coffee in one hand while reading their emails off their phones. They are workaholics in a good way and they emphasize the importance of building their career. For this cousin, get them a watch! It helps them stay punctual while looking extremely classy and professional.


Closeup of blue belt

As they prepare to start their career, they need to start looking more put-together. For this cousin, make sure to get them a nice belt as it is a small yet immediate change to instantly upgrade their wardrobe. This helps them get started on their life as an adult!

What are you going to get your cousin? Let us know in the comments down below!

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