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Your Shop LC Black Friday Survival Guide

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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events in the United States. Who doesn’t get a rush when buying something for a fraction of the price? However, it can be hard because everyone gets that feeling and might get heated when competing for those low prices. While everyone is scrambling to take advantage of those deals, we can teach you how to be one step ahead of the crowd!


Make a List and Prioritize! (Decide on your budget too)

It’s easy to be swept off your feet with all those sweet, sweet deals. Therefore, it is super important for you to make a list of things you want to get and a budget for each item. That way you don’t need to blow through your savings to get the best prices.

Go through Black Friday Shopping Guides

Did you know there are websites dedicated to storing all of the Black Friday deals for you? Using these websites to research all of the best deals would be way easier than going through individual websites and checking their own Black Friday page. For example, Shop LC’s Black Friday deals are also viewable through This makes it easier to plan where to go.

Check the Store Policies

Whether it is an e-commerce site or a brick-and-mortar shop, every store has their policies online. When planning your shopping, make sure to read through all of the store policies to make sure you understand the return policy.

One of the most popular is that some stores may not offer returns from anything you bought on Black Friday to discourage people from buying impulsively. Other stores may only offer a limited number of items, or even limit what is on sale and what is not. Long story short – always check the store policies to prevent disappointment!

Luckily, Shop LC always offers a 30 day easy returns! Plus, orders placed before December 18, 2019 are guaranteed for delivery before Christmas. Even better? Shop LC offers extended returns until January 15, 2020!

Get Digital

A lot of deals nowadays live online – so take advantage of those too! You could download coupon apps, sign up for emails to get alerted to those amazing deals, or even download the store’s own app to get notified on the best offers! You could even follow the brand’s social media account as they often have their own coupon codes or giveaways to promote their Black Friday sale. One way or another definitely go digital so you don’t need to fight with people in line.

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Plan Your Shopping Trip

If you are going to brave the lines, make sure you’ve got an action plan. Make a list of all the stores you want to visit and create a route that allows you to hit all those spots. Expect the crowds to go crazy and expect a lot of traffic. Plan accordingly.


Leave the kids at home

Young children might get cranky because they will need to wait in long lines and fight with others to get their hands on popular toys and gadgets. Plus, they might cut your shopping trip short when they get too tired to continue waiting in lines. Instead, ask them about their preferences so you can get those toys for them!


Score Early Deals

Some stores try to beat their Black Friday competition the day (or even two!) before. Make sure you beat your competition by being early and staying updated.

Shop for Other Events

Black Friday does not have to be Christmas only. It could be for Mother’s Day, graduations, Valentine’s Day, birthdays – anything, really. If you eye something your loved ones might like – snag it! It will help you prepare for those big events early in advance while saving big!

Either go early…

Most stores open around 5AM on Black Friday, which means the lines start way before that. If you decide to go early, be prepared to sit in the cold for a few hours. Make sure to stay warm and even consider bringing extra blankets, or lawn chairs to sit on. Be aware that some people are a bit more aggressive to get their hands on the best deals, so prepare well.

…or go late!

If you are less picky but still want to score some good deals, go later to pick up items that earlier customers did not want. Sometimes, stores even lower the prices to get rid of all of their Black Friday items.

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Regardless of how you celebrate Black Friday, have fun saving big bucks! And don’t miss the Shop LC Black Friday sale. There’s never a line online. Happy shopping!

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