What is a Brooch?

The history of brooches identifies them as beautifully designed pins that are made to hold clothes closed. Some of the earliest usages of a brooch is actually from the Bronze Age, where women would decorate their brooches with silver, gold, and even precious gemstones. Today, they’re associated with royalty. But who says you can’t bring a little bit of luxurious glam to your closet?

In fact, one of the hottest spring and summer trends for 2018 is the brooch.  From simplistic designs to bolder and bigger pieces, brooches are the fashion statement pieces you can’t afford to miss this year!


Styling Brooches

Due to its vintage look, many people would immediately assume that the brooch is too intimidating to style. Not true! As brooches come in different shapes and sizes, it is actually quite easy to style a brooch. Here are some tips and tricks fashionistas swear by when styling brooches.


1) Stick to the Simplistic

Silver Floral Brooch with Pearl Center

As the Spring season approaches, floral prints are back.  What better way to pair a bold floral print than with a minimalistic and monochromatic flower brooch? This brooch is subtle enough to not take eyes away from your daring floral prints, yet dramatic enough to complement your outfit subtly. Because the pearl is the centerpiece, this brooch can match well with both casual and formal looks!


2) Be Inspired by the Holidays

Snowman Brooch and Snowflake Brooch

Although Christmas is over, many are already counting down to the next holiday season. If you are still unsure about the brooch trend, why not try it with your next Christmas outfit? Brooches tend to be a bolder statement accessory piece, so pairing a Christmas-themed brooch with any outfit would immediately be a cute way to amp it up. If you prefer something spookier, check out these Halloween styling tips.


3) Pair Colors to your Outfit

Lavender floral brooch

Still stuck on how to perfectly pair brooches with your outfit of the day? Simply pair the color palette of the brooch with the color palette of your outfit. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad color scheme, as “clashing colors” could actually evoke a sense of confidence from you!

Illustrated above, this dainty lavender brooch may seem very extravagant. But, this is actually a great way to bring in a runway trend to your outfit. As lavender is having its moment right now, this brooch can bring a subtle, feminine homage to the purple craze going on right now.

You could pair this brooch with blush outerwear, as the pastels would complement one another while the color differences would contrast each other in an effortlessly elegant way.  Wear some beige, tight fitted trousers and a plain white tank, and this outfit would be extremely stunning.


4) Be Bolder with Something Whimsical

Elephant Brooch

Animal shaped jewelry is making a comeback this year on the runway, as they are big, bold and beautiful.  Styling bolder brooches, such as this elephant brooch, is the perfect way to add a sense of oddity that highlights your style uniqueness.  With the different textures and colors on this brooch, it is quite easy to pair this brooch with any classic red and black ensemble.


Now that you know all about styling brooches, how are you embracing this trend?

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