Let’s face it, 2020 was a year filled with ups and downs. We all learned a lot about ourselves, and how to make the best to things. After all, we’re in it together. Now that 2021 is officially here, we know a thing or two about self care. As you prepare to make 2021 the best year ever, the Shop LC team has some great products for surviving 2021!

Elegant Lead-Free Crystal Glass Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Wine being poured into a decanter.

Have you ever opened a bottle of red wine, wondering what you thought when you bought it? Most often, reds need to air to come alive. Suppose you are a connoisseur of red wine or just beginning to explore some of the market’s full-body varieties. In that case, you can savor like the pros with this lead-free crystal wine decanter. You will notice a remarkable difference as your wine can breathe. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite wines! 

Portable Laptop Table 

Woman using foldable desk in bed.

Change it up with this inexpensive portable desk. Quickly move from room to room or couch to counter with this lightweight, collapsible unit. Great for your make-shift home office, serving breakfast in bed, reading, or eating in your living room.  

Shungite Water Bottle 

Rejuvenate with this next generation water enhancing Shungite Water Bottle. Shungite has a storied history surrounding its legendary ability to purify water. Harness the heart of these tales as a fun way to get your daily intake of H2O!

Mask with Reusable Face Shield

Working in close quarters with people or just looking for an extra level of protection, this mask/eye-shield combo will come in handy! Make it your go-to mask, or for those times when you want to be extra cautious, you can’t beat this combo!

Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy

Need a place to escape from the family? Just relax in a hot bath with this Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy. Truly a must-have, relax with your favorite things and don’t stress about where to set them. Great for a glass of wine, journal, or any of your bath essentials.

Posture Corrector

Woman wearing posture corrector.

Like many, you’ve been sitting in your home office for over eight months. Working from home, you’re less likely to sit healthily. The only time you get up to stretch is for lunch or the bathroom. If you’re noticing your posture is not up to par, try this lightweight, easy-to-use posture corrector. 

Bathing Tool for Dogs

Pet bathing tool being used to scrub up a pup!

Check out this great DIY pet bathing tool. Turn your home into a spa for your furry friends with this easy to operate pet shower tool for your faucet. Whether you want to save money or avoid leaving your home, this is a must-have tool for any pet owner!

Stainless Steel Hands-Free Motion Soap Dispenser

Stainless steel soap dispenser.

A good soap dispenser is a must-have for every sink in the house! And, it complies with CDC hand-washing guidelines for the office. Use this trusted gadget and keep everyone from touching your soap dispenser. Plus, it is cool and fun to use. You only need a couple of batteries, and you are good to go. Avoid unnecessary touching and get clean hands fast with this Stainless-Steel Hands-Free Soap Dispenser.  

Set of Two Patterned Aprons

Women wearing cute aprons.

Thanks to corona, home-baking is on the rise. How many of you are willing to admit to baking since the pandemic? No need to worry about flour on your shirt during your zoom call; cover up with one of these stylish aprons and remove it before turning on your camera. Cover-up with these two cuties and avoid embarrassing baking on the job giveaways.

Fireflame Wireless Speaker

Fireflame Wireless Speaker

How cool is this? We had to include this Fireflame Wireless Speaker. Even though you might not need one, it’s pretty darn cool! Splurge on yourself, and take your tunes from room-to-room!

Homesmart Black Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Homesmart Pulse Oximeter.

One major symptom of COVID-19 is difficulty breathing or quickly getting out of breath. If you want to know how much O2 you are sucking in, grab one of these Homesmart Pulse Oximeters. When worn correctly, it immediately reads the oxygen saturation in your finger-tip, which could be a big indicator that you may not be getting enough oxygen. This item is super small and can fit in your pocket or purse.  

Tanzanian Natronite Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Cherry quartz solitaire ring.

This ring is so cute; it’s a must-have for your collection. Natural cherry quartz is found only in Tanzania. It’s collectible, unique, and something you won’t find anywhere else. Add something sweet to your life!

Mask Pendant Charm in Sterling Silver

Face mask charm in sterling silver.

Want to thank frontline workers for doing what they do to keep us all safe? We know just the perfect thing! The Hero Charm Facemask is a subtle memento representing life-long memories that got us all through 2020. Add this charming piece to a key ring, lanyard, chain, or charm bracelet. 

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