A blue green gemstone you will love

Over the years, Shop LC has brought you so many gemstones. Often, these are stones that come directly from the earth. However, sometimes our customers ask for something unique and special. And, when Mother Nature can’t provide, a little ingenuity is required. Peacock Quartz is a unique blue green gemstone. Assembled from genuine Brazilian quartz, this jewel shifts from a playful blue to vibrant green as it moves with you. Learn why we love this magnificent peacock stone.


Viridian Value

Pear shaped Peacock Quartz ring in yellow gold.

Featuring an enormous pear-shaped gem, this peacock quartz ring encapsulates everything we admire about this jewel. The opposite rounded and tapered ends help showcase the amazing transition of color. Here, you can see how the subtle color shift occurs through the entire gem. Smart accents of Russian Diopside help provide balance to the ring. The gold vermeil setting complements both green and blue, creating a ring that finds itself roosting in our current big gemstone trend.


Triple Triplet

Sterling silver trilogy bracelet with peacock stone.

Bezel settings are ideal for assembled stone like Peacock Quartz. Why? Viewing these stones face up is the best way to take in their breathtaking beauty. This sterling silver trilogy bracelet demonstrates how these blue green gems symbolize elegance and class. A trilogy bracelet symbolizes the past, present, and future. It’s a lovely reminder of where we came from, where we are going, and where we wish to be in our lives. Will the elaborate metal work or the shifting color be the bigger conversation starter? You’ll have to wear it to find out!


Perching Peacock

Peacock pendant in yellow gold vermeil.

We can’t avoid discussing Peacock Quartz without showing some amazing peacock jewelry! When viewing this peacock necklace, it’s easy to see why we chose this name. The blue green gem is artfully housed in a yellow gold vermeil setting. Accents of chrome diopside and zircon were selected by our designers to help draw your eye to this unique jewel while adding depth to the piece. It’s jewelry like this that really demonstrates the versatility of Peacock Quartz. The pendant is equally at home in a casual night out as it is in the boardroom.


Select your own plumage with some terrific Peacock Quartz jewelry.

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