Chocolate Chip Cookie History

Did you know when this sweet cookie was invented? It was invented in 1930 in Massachusetts, by Ruth Wakefield. The Toll House Inn was opened in the midst of the great depression. Despite the economic crisis, these cookies were famous. People used to line up to taste these delicious cookies. Can you imagine the excitement? 

She then later sold the recipe to Nestle for one dollar. In exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Amazing! I wish we had a chance to get try these original chocolate chip cookies. Interestingly, when the first published copy of the recipe came out it was named a chocolate crunch cookie.

Greatest Dessert

We just love cookies and we know that.13.5% Americans admit to eating 20 or more chocolate chip cookies at a time!

Americans are huge chocolate chip cookies fans. An estimated 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are sold in the US each year. That’s a huge number right? Let’s celebrate this chewy crunchy day with Shop LC.

Is the chocolate chip cookie the greatest dessert of all time? I’m sure we all look forward to this sweet day. Dunk your cookies in a cool glass of milk and enjoy every bit. To make this day extra special and chocolaty, check out these chocolate-inspired products!

Chocolate Genuine Leather Bag

Chocolate leather handbag.

This shiny brown bag is just gorgeous! The super stylish bag will just mesmerize you. With an ultra-luxurious appearance, it is smooth and soft to touch. This elegant extra spacious bag is been designed to give extra space for your essentials. Definitely, this is the only bag you would choose to take out every time. We are sure this bag will only fetch you compliments!

Natural Chocolate Sapphire Earrings

Chocolate sapphire stud earrings.

Add the magic of sapphire to your collection. These studs will grace your heart with their simplicity. The sapphire stone is crafted in sterling silver that enhances its durability. Embedded with trillion cut gems it is a perfect pair to wear any day and every day. This coming chocolate chip cookie day wears this stunning stud. Pair them with a cool tee, jeans, and a pair of sneakers and there you go girl! 

Star Pendant Necklace

Chocolate quartz pendant in sterling silver.

This gorgeous star shaped pendant redefines beauty. Chocolate quartz has an exotic hue and brings unconditional charm. This stunning pendant has forged in platinum over sterling silver. You can choose to wear this pendant without any irritation. This flawless pendant effortlessly  carries your vibe.

Exotic Bracelet

Chocolate sapphire line bracelet in sterling silver.

This chocolate sapphire bracelet is an absolute beauty. The sapphire stones are forged in sterling silver. The enchantment of the chocolate hues leaves a lasting impression. This extraordinary piece has an 18K gold finish which makes it look naturally graceful. It will be a worthy add-on to your wardrobe.

Latch Back Earrings

Chocolate sapphire latch back earrings.

These chocolate sapphire and zircon latch back earrings is a classic piece. The oval-shaped sapphire stones are forged in platinum over sterling silver. You can choose to wear this for your work or formal parties and come out gracefully. Latch backs makes them more comfortable to wear.

Chocolate Leather Backpack

NEWAGE Dark Chocolate Genuine Leather Backpack

Are you a backpack lover? We’re sure you are. This cool, comfortable bag is designed for all the enthusiasts out there. Are you not a handbag admirer? Do you prefer keeping your stuff in a backpack? Then this super classic backpack is just for you my friend. We are sure you are absolutely going to love this super classic spacious bag. It has got three compartments to organize your stuff the way you want. Isn’t it amazing? 

Karen Style Wig

Dark chocolate color wig.

In the words of Iris Apfel, “If your hair is done properly and you are wearing good shoes. You can get away with anything.” Are you bored of your regular hair? Do you want to try something new? Then here is your chance with this natural-looking wig. This would be a perfect choice for a sleek and sassy look. Try this wig in chocolate, salt, and pepper hues. We can only imagine how classic you are going to look on that. It’s your chance to do something different with your hair! 

Sapphire Flower Ring

Chocolate sapphire ring.

This sapphire flower ring signifies joy and beauty. The sapphire stone is embedded in the center. The purple zircon petals encircling the chocolate sapphire are just adorable! Exuding divine brilliance, this accessory will indeed be a beautiful reminder of the warmth of your love. The ring is crafted in sterling silver to enhance its shine. The charm of the ring is very graceful.

Silk Genesis

SILK GENESIS - Shungite Cream 4 oz Trio Includes Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Pie, & Sugar Cookie

This skin cream trio has the flavor of toasted coconut, chocolate pie, and sugar cookie! It replenishes and enriches skin with essential fatty acids. Self-pamper your skin with this amazing product and see the difference. This cream will help you in restoring the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Let’s give yourself some skin time. You deserve it girl!

Find more delicious products at Shop LC.

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