3 Ways to Style Asymmetrical Earrings

| A pair of asymmetrical earrings is the hottest accessory trend for the Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion season. However, many people find this trend intimidating, as it can be seen as “just another wacky runway look.” But what if we could tell you that you could actually rock this trend without looking “wacky?”

The key to asymmetrical earrings is to contrast, not conflict. And here are three ways to do that on your own!

Asymmetrical earrings with freshwater pearls.


Before we get started, we need to get down to some of the rules of asymmetrical earrings. Though seemingly strange, asymmetrical earrings actually take more thought than it seems. In fact, it is extremely important to keep this rule in mind when styling any dramatic fashion pieces. CREATE CONTRAST, NOT CONFLICT.
This motto essentially means that while difference is acceptable in the fashion world, creating conflict within your outfit may evoke a sense of discomfort. Unless that discomfort is intentional, it’s best to create contrast instead.
To create contrast, simply follow these guidelines.

  1. Match the Materials
    If you stop and take a look at how all asymmetrical earrings look, you will soon realize that the reason why they look good is because the earrings material match. This will help eliminate conflict within your outfit, as you’re intentionally pairing two different earrings together. You want to look chic and less like you made a careless mistake when running out the door.
    For example, match plastic earrings with other plastic earrings and topaz earrings with other topaz earrings. The similarity will make your intentionally mismatched earrings into a nice ensemble, as opposed to a pair of randomness on your ears.
  2. Match the Theme
    Another important concept to asymmetrical earrings is pairing themes together. This may be confusing, as it is hard to really define what the “theme” of jewelry is since it’s so versatile. One way to think about the “theme” is to pair the earrings based on “feel.”
    If it “feels” heavy, then the earring is probably chunky and bulky. So, pairing that earring with a different but equally chunky and bulky earring will create a stunning look. This also ensures you don’t look lopsided, as the general “feel” of the earrings will be the same.
  3. Match the Colors
    Matching colors is perhaps the easiest way to create effortlessly asymmetrical looks, as it is often the visual element that draws attention to the jewelry. So, pairing warm colors together and cool colors together is an easy way to match the theme of the earrings.


Now that you have learned all the foundation concepts of asymmetrical earrings, it’s time to have some fun. Playing with any one of these three themes is a great way to rock an asymmetrical look without looking too crazy.

Color Scheme

As mentioned before, choosing complementary colors is important when creating cohesive looks. However, pairing any random red color with any random orange color may not create a cohesive look (despite both colors being in the “warm color” family).
You also have to see if the color is cool toned or warm toned when choosing your colors. Cool toned is not the same as cold tone, as cool-toned describes the tone of the color. For example, there are cool toned reds and cool toned oranges. The same goes for warm toned colors, as there are colors such as warm-toned greens and warm toned blues.
So, how can you tell if a color is warm toned, as opposed to just a warm color?
Generally, cool tones have a slight blue hue to them, whereas warm tones have a slight yellow tint to them.

Warm and cool tones color diagram.

If you’re a beginner to asymmetrical earrings and want to try mixing up the color, try experimenting with stud earrings. Since studs are small, it allows more room for experimentation without drawing too much attention to yourself. For example, you could grab a set of stud earrings and mix and match the colors to the color scheme of your outfit.

Multi-color freshwater pearl stud earrings.

Feeling bolder? Try mixing and matching the colors of dangle earrings. Dangle earrings are considered statement pieces because they draw immediate attention to the face by adding extra motion at the top of your body. So, by switching to dangle earrings, you can effortlessly create extra drama in your look.


This relates back to matching the theme and feel of the earrings. Mixing and matching the shape is a playful way to add extra dimension without it being overpowering.

For example, if using a rhombus earring, then match the earring with another rhombus earring. This creates a cohesive theme that runs with the two by making a thoughtful ensemble, rather than a loud clash between the two.


This is perhaps the most prominent way to rock the asymmetrical earrings look. If you’re a trend setting fashionista, then asymmetrical length earrings are an easy way to elongate your neck while staying trendy.

It’s also an effortless way to play with levels while creating an interesting look. However, make sure to match the theme and the material to avoid looking sloppy.

For additional styles or further inspiration for your new mismatched earrings combination, don’t forget to explore Shop LC’s exclusive and ever-changing earrings options. Since we guarantee that they’re always available at the lowest price, you can choose a number of pairs to try for that perfect asymmetrical look!

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