Gem cutting is a work of art and emotion. It gets even more thrilling when working with valuable gemstones. Socoto Emerald is one such jewel. This brilliant green stone is one of the hardest to cut. Learn why cutting Socoto Emerald requires precision.

Introducing Socoto Emerald

This beautiful stone comes from Bahia, Brazil. Named for the mines these gems are famous for their distinct color that reminds us of lush green forests.

Traditional mining practices restrict easy access to this brilliant jewel and complex production limits availability. Only about five percent is jewelry-grade. 

Socoto Emerald pendant draped over wood.

Cutting Socoto Emerald

Working this jewel requires focus and accuracy. The stone is brittle and has many fractures, making cutting, setting, and cleaning difficult. It is even a challenge for skilled gem cutters.  

When faceting gems, one has to remember essential factors such as stone position, size, shape, and color. They are vital for revealing emerald’s incredible inner beauty and achieving maximum clarity. Working emerald is a constant struggle!

From Rough to Ready Gemstone

Expert artisans use traditional tools and machines when cutting emerald gems. Mostly using hand tools, they have stood the test of time for producing some of the most beautiful emeralds in the world. The journey of Socoto Emerald is exciting!

  • Cutting: An expert cutter examines rough stone to decide the best way to shape it. They want to get the best color and size.
  • Sorting: Stones undergo screening and sorting according to weight, color grade, and size. Due to the wide variety, it is challenging to sort gems.
  • Shaping: Artisans transform emerald into various shapes. They must choose forms that avoid waste while using as much stone as possible.

Socoto Emerald ring resting on granite rock.

Shop LC works with many trusted vendors. They buy rocks from mines and cut them in their specialized factories. Often, many trade in a small variety of stones or even just a single one! 

Our Socoto Emerald vendor uses a full workshop of skilled artisans with over 15 years of emerald experience. They specialize in cutting these green jewels to display maximum color so that you’ll receive the most beautiful stones at the best possible price.

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Stricter regulations and higher labor costs are making emerald production more expensive. Avoid future regret and start shopping for Socoto Emerald jewelry now.


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